OR049 Transforming Mental Health Care with Yuri Tomikawa, Founder & CEO at Zencare.co
Episode 51

Yuri Tomikawa, Founder & CEO at Zencare.co

OR049 Transforming Mental Health Care

Improving patient access to mental healthcare

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OR049 Transforming Mental Health Care with Yuri Tomikawa, Founder & CEO at Zencare.co

Episode 51

Mental Health

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Yuri Tomikawa is the Founder & CEO of Zencare. She was selected MedTech Boston’s 40 Under 40 Healthcare Innovators for her work in improving patient access to mental healthcare and has appeared as a keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, mental health, and female empowerment. Yuri is an alum of Brown University where she graduated magna cum laude, and was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company prior to starting Zencare.

Why Healthcare? The time I was looking for a therapist. I was figuring out what to do and looked online for a therapist search and found it to be overwhelming and frustrating. So is the start of Zencare – interviewing therapists upfront, keeping information availability and sharing the video and photos of the therapist.

Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda:  Mental health

How have you created results by doing things differently? We made an impact in terms of therapists search process. Being intermediary party could be assisting and gathering and sharing with the world.

Setbacks that you learned from: I went to therapists and fetch the idea of recording videos of them and some were surprised since this is very new. I’m lucky to have therapists who are willing to try.

Proudest leadership moments: It’s when people use our site write to us and tell us how much it means to them.

Exciting Project: 1) Making sure clients get feedback 2) remote video therapy sessions

Yuri on How to Improve Healthcare:

1.What was your inspiration to starting healthcare?

Having a hard time finding a therapist myself

2. What is the proudest experience you’ve had with Zencare?

Having individuals use our site say how much it’s helped them find a great therapist and feel better

3. How is the therapist search process flaunt today?

There’s inaccurate information and it doesn’t empower individuals to find the right clinicians for them

4. One area of focus that should drive everything else is:

Everyone in my company cares so much about mental health, about making sure people can find therapists easily and get the care that they want

Recommended Book/s:

Being Peace

Closing Thought:

There’s a lot going on in the mental health entrepreneurial space and it’s really exciting. I encourage people to seek help earlier. If anyone has questions about mental health or finding a therapist, check out our blog.

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