A Cancer Survivor’s Perspective of the Health System in Healthcare with Rann Patterson, Cancer Survivor and Blogger

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Rann Patterson currently uses her writing skills to write about healthcare. She has 30+ years experience as a patient, 2x cancer survivor that began in 1983 at age 26. Rann has taken part in healthcare chats on Twitter since 2011, to add the value of experience to help America’s ever-changing healthcare scene. (#hcldr, #hcsm, #bcsm). She is trying to finish her memoir: PATIENT- The Humanity behind The Science and Technology of Healthcare.

What is it that got you involve in Healthcare? I was first diagnosed with cancer when I was 26. After so many years, I realized there was a real need for knowledge about certain things in the cancer community.

Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda:  Money vs. People – helping people more.

What is the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid? We need more nurses for patients on the floor

Recommended Book/s:

Helen Keller biography

Closing Thought:

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it – Helen Keller

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