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Knocking Down Silos, Building Communities and Changing Healthcare for the Better with Mike Biselli, President, Catalyst HTI

Episode 119

Outcomes Rocket - Mike Biselli

Knocking Down Silos, Building Communities and Changing Healthcare for the Better with Mike Biselli, President, Catalyst HTI

: [00:00:01] Welcome to the Outcomes Rocket podcast where we inspire collaborative thinking, improved outcomes and business success with today’s most successful and inspiring healthcare leaders and influencers. And now your host, Saul Marquez

Saul Marquez: [00:00:19] Alright Outcomes Rocket listeners welcome back once again to the outcomes rockets where we chat with today’s most successful and inspiring healthcare leaders really want to thank you for tuning in again and I invite you to go to outcomesrocket.health/reviews where you could rate and review what you thought about today’s show. Without further ado I want to introduce an outstanding guest. His name is Mike Biselli. He’s a community builder health tech entrepreneur international speaker and he’s also the president at Catalyst HTI. They are opening in the first quarter of 2018 Catalyst HTI will be an industry integrator real estate development that will bring together relevant stakeholders from across the healthcare industry to accelerate the industry’s current reimagining. Mike’s done so many amazing things in health but we don’t want to do is open up the mike for him to fill in the gaps. Tell you a little bit more about his healthcare history and just want to welcome you to the show. Mike.

Mike Biselli: [00:01:16] Well first of all it’s great to be here. Thanks for the opportunity to spend time with you and more importantly your listeners.

Saul Marquez: [00:01:22] Hey thanks a lot Mike. So what is it that got you interested in health care to begin with.

Mike Biselli: [00:01:27] Great question. So after I played football and studied at Stanford University and after hanging up the cleats in the early 2000s right during the middle of a dot com bust there were no tech jobs in the Bay Area and my phone rings and it was a recruiter a recruiter for the medical device industry and that is exactly how I first broke it and worked with companies like NuVasive. Cynthia. That was quite a Johnson Johnson. Others for the first ten years and then now when the Affordable Care Act came online in 2011 that’s when I jumped off the entrepreneurial cliff. My co-founder and I at the time saw an opportunity to reduce the spend on the implant technologies by directly connecting procurement managers or surgery centers with device companies that wanted to remove the sales rep when he or she was not offering any clinical value to the facility to the provider. And most importantly the patient as you can imagine we really agitated some of the large device companies out there so as a startup we’re doing our job.

Saul Marquez: [00:02:29] That’s awesome.

Mike Biselli: [00:02:29] That’s how I first got in and then eventually ended up selling that platform to a private equity for Southern California. And then after that is when this whole idea around catalyst was hatched which we can get into here with the interview.

Saul Marquez: [00:02:43] Yeah definitely want to hear more about that. And when you’re doing right things that you’re agitating people especially in a field like healthcare. So what do you think Mike a hot topic that should be on every medical leaders agenda today. And how are you guys addressing that.

Mike Biselli: [00:02:58] Well one of the topics is whether you like it or not as a healthcare executive innovation is here. The genie has been let out of the bottle and she is not going back yet. These innovators these disrupters these startups are piling up at the proverbial gate and health care and that gate is going to be blown open here very soon and there is a tidal wave out there coming to shore and the established health care industry better be ready for it. And so I get very excited about that. Now working with health tech entrepreneurs and innovators across the world knowing that you just give those folks flock to rethink in artificial intelligence. National image processing block chain chat bots wearable tech IoT list goes on and on and on. I believe those types of technologies should come in a truly up end and make our industry better. But of course we also need to establish side of the industry we need the payers providers and most importantly the clinicians that are on the frontlines that are patient. We need to start working together to start pushing this industry for so I’m kind of taking tattling on all sides letting the established industry know be ready but then also giving as much opportunity as I can. These numbers cross load to come into this industry and help us push forward together.

Saul Marquez: [00:04:10] I think that’s really great Mike. And you know one of the things that comes to mind you know innovations definitely here to stay and a lot of times you’ll see companies just innovating to innovate right. Without really kind of following a pathway to providing value. What advice would you give to a startup looking to create something meaningful but also stay in business.

Mike Biselli: [00:04:32] We have two things. Be ready for a long sales cycle in healthcare. The first one. So you better have a long runway in front of you as a startup so raise more capital than you probably ever thought you would need. And then second and maybe even more important do not build in a vacuum. I’ve seen that time and time again with a lot of startups out there that a bill in the back can they do that the marketplace needs their idea and their technology and sometimes this furless from the truth right. So that’s why we need to have our startups in on our technology as host coupled with payors providers clinicians frontline staff and patients themselves. So that actually is what I’m passionate about now and where I’m supporting my efforts to have responder to Denver is a Naho silos make sure that we can give an opportunity for these entrepreneurs these disrupters truly an opportunity to come in and help reimagine this industry.

Saul Marquez: [00:05:26] I think that’s really great. You know and Mike one of the things that we’re very passionate about and outcomes rocket is definitely that same thing knocking silos down because too much of healthcare happens in silos and the fact that you’re doing this in a physical space is really invigorating and I’m pumped I don’t know when is your when is your opening.

Mike Biselli: [00:05:45] Yeah well it’s in May of 2018. But you know it’s an exciting project I think it’s a true thing. It may be a first kind. This is not an accelerator for health here. We have several accelerators on campus. This is not an incubator for healthcare with several of those as well. And this is not a coworking space like we were some of these coworking spaces that we see around the nation that’s just our fourth floor of seven what I call this is an industry integrator bringing Fortune 100. All the way down the old woman with an idea on a napkin and everything in between under the same roof at the point of innovation to reimagine this industry together. Some examples include we have Kaiser Permanente delivering care on the first floor with the provider with the entrepreneur and most importantly with the nation involved with American Diabetes Association opening up an innovation lab on campus. If 50 plus startups Hardy signed up I mean. The list goes on and on and on your listeners can head over to Catalist health tech dot com to see more of the community roster. We’re announcing an organization after organization weekly right now. One of our most recent ones Delta Dental opening up a 2000 square foot innovation lab. Why is that important. We now start bringing more entrepreneurs into their innovation lab the work of these dentist to work with these new leaders inside of Delta though that’s how we start pushing health care.

Saul Marquez: [00:07:05] I love it and I like that you made a distinction between health and care because there’s definitely a big difference. And this is kind of like taking a slice out of what providers do the providers have their own venture fund within them. They really just have that piece where they could pressure test their ideas. But even in a bigger way because you’re taking a slice of the entire industry not just one segment of it.

Mike Biselli: [00:07:27] Yeah well and that’s that’s the point right. This is a massive industry that touches all of us and it touches on all kinds of different angles and different viewpoints and so that’s a point with Catalyst right I firmly believe we’re not just going to hang somebody logo. Absolutely not. I don’t want your logo. I don’t like your sponsorship dollars. What I do want is I want your personnel on that campus every single day interacting with our startups or startups interacting with say senior executives at Hitachi Hitachi global number 79 we’ll be on the third floor one floor below our 50 plus startups. Think about those interactions every single day. So we’re not just hanging logos on this campus we’re actually bringing mindshare in there every single day. We anticipate when we do open that on any given day there are six to seven hundred people working on this Harrisville. One singular goal in mind. Reimagining healthcare by doing it together.

Saul Marquez: [00:08:18] Yeah I think that’s so has a man. Definitely inspiring work that you guys are up to over there. What would you say a time Mike when things weren’t going your way. What happened. What pearls did you get out of it to get you to where you’re at right now.

Mike Biselli: [00:08:33] Well it happens as entrepreneurs it happens all the time. If you are entrepreneurs you better be ready to hear no more than you hear. Yes. If I was like thousands no for this campus we wouldn’t have a. Right. And you know by the time we open this thing will be over four years on the entrepreneurial journey to get to this campus open right. And I think that’s what our entrepreneurs have to understand. You have to be relentless. You cannot take no for an answer. You have to pull yourself off the map every single day. It is tough being an entrepreneur it is tough launching a brand new idea and a brand new start up scenario. The odds are against you but you surround yourself with good people as they always say. I don’t want to be the smartest guy in the room right I want to surround myself with other leaders that can push me challenge me and make me better. So you know that’s what I try to instill in other startups and other founders is doing exactly that. Get yourself a good community around you have leaders to help you to new push you journey for as an entrepreneur. But honestly it’s all about being relentless. It’s all about taking no for an answer or not taking no for an answer and just keep pushing through. That’s where I see success with entrepreneurs and startups. They may not get the best idea and you know as we know a startup arose pivoting and look out how to find market fit for our idea. It’s the ones that get up off the map every single morning and keep pushing and keep pushing forward.

Saul Marquez: [00:09:55] I think that’s some great words of wisdom. Again if your startup listening to this dig deep within yourself and ask yourself Do I have what it takes is my vision strong enough is my goal clear enough. Am I am I going to push forward to make sure that I see it through some of the best people in the industry have done it. I’m in the process right now of reading Ray Dahlia’s book principles as this really inspired a finance guy not related to health care but wow. His story is just unbelievable.

Mike Biselli: [00:10:25] I just ordered that book is it worth it.

Saul Marquez: [00:10:29] It’s worth it man. You’re going to. You’re going to. I’m excited to get that. Yeah. I’m about halfway through. It’s even a guy like that I had to endure the challenges like you said Mike the ups and the downs and the downs could be very trying. So startups make sure to heed Mike’s advice don’t give up. Get off that mat and keep going. So Mike what would you say. One of your proudest leadership moments in health care to date have been.

Mike Biselli: [00:10:55] Oh yeah. First and foremost bringing this vision of catalysts to fruition in Denver. You know this is a one hundred and eighty thousand square foot city block campus raves is no small feat. And more importantly I think what I’m humbled by is to see all of the stakeholders wanting to rally around this campus to be a part of it right we’re talking Heizer third largest Helsel in the nation. We’re talking Medical Group Management Association and 90 year old association representing over four hundred forty thousand providers or forty five thousand are opening up five plus thousand square foot innovation. What does that say back to this industry at large. To me it’s telling me that the status Messiter of healthcare is waking up to the notion that yes innovation is possible yes there’s opportunity for disruption but more importantly yes we want to be a part of that journey. So I think that’s what I get most excited by that. You know I get to go around the country and tell the story about reimagining health care by tying it together for and not the silos down. And I’m watching it happen in real time right here in Denver Colorado. I’m already watching the partnerships come together with the stakeholders and the attendance that we’ll be calling catalyst when we open in May. I cannot wait to see what happens once we actually open the doors and the campus is up and operational so that’s what I get most excited about. Humbled and thrilled to be able to help push this industry streets for time to be that voice that you know what we can do this. I know we can let’s do it together. That’s what gets me most excited.

Saul Marquez: [00:12:29] That’s so great. And thanks for sharing that. I could definitely hear and feel your passion about this project and what it could be if you had to fast forward 20 years from now. What has happened because of what you guys have contributed.

Mike Biselli: [00:12:44] Well again you know this is definitely a ride this is all of us involved and that is I will say this industry touches all of us in this country. Even if you know if you’re a lay person you’re patient but fast forward 20 years from now. We have finally put the patient in the center of everything. Patient as consumer we rally around that consumer everything that we do and that that experience for that consumer is world class and that we are actually getting value out of being in the system right. We have got to we have got to get away from this fee for service environment is absolutely bankrupting our country. We have got to get to die based care as fast as we can. And I think once we do that and again we quit the patient center of care and turn it into this consumerism type thought process. I believe that revolution will be created and we will see massive movement in getting our industries back to STATE OF HEALTH again.

Saul Marquez: [00:13:36] Love it. I think is a great vision and definitely one worthy of backing so Mike. This is the fun part of the show. We’re going to do a small lightning round. We’re going to build a syllabus for the listeners. Do for questions lightning round followed by a book that you recommend for them you’re ready.

Mike Biselli: [00:13:53] You got it. All right.

Saul Marquez: [00:13:54] What’s the best way to improve health care outcomes.

Mike Biselli: [00:13:57] That’s where improve health care outcomes price transparency and unlocking the data. Right. We’ve got to be able to have systems talk to each other and make data actionable.

Saul Marquez: [00:14:06] What’s the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid.

Mike Biselli: [00:14:09] Giving up too early.

Saul Marquez: [00:14:11] How do you stay relevant as an organization. Despite constant change.

Mike Biselli: [00:14:15] Surround yourself with people that are smarter and the right understanding. We all have blind spots and surround yourself of folks that can help pull those off of it.

Saul Marquez: [00:14:22] What is one area of focus that should drive everything else in your organization.

Mike Biselli: [00:14:26] Consistency. Be consistent with your clients be consistent with your message be consistent with your character right. If you want to win you have to be consistent in what you say and what you do. consistency is key.

Saul Marquez: [00:14:38] And finally Mike what book would you recommend to the listeners 100 percent.

Mike Biselli: [00:14:42] I always recommend this book as absolutely open my eyes Steve Case’s book founder of AOL Third Wave. We want to understand why I’m building this campus. The next big wave of business according to Stephen I couldn’t agree more is partnerships and collaboration set out of that book. Matter of fact he actually calls Denver Colorado out in that book civically. We’ll look back and look at the campus that I’m building and people call me crazy for doing it years ago. There’s no doubt in my mind that the new wave of business that we’re going to do things together not just health care but just business in general partnerships and collaboration those are the new realities. Steve Case it’s an eye opener. These are the new trends.

Saul Marquez: [00:15:21] Boom there you have it listeners. You have the book and you have these amazing tips on your syllabus so don’t worry about writing them down. Just go to www.outcomesrocket.health/biselli¬†. That’s b i s e l l i. You’re going to be able to find our show notes links to the book links to the exciting projects that Mike is working on and as soon as this interview is over I will be picking that book up. Sounds amazing. And so Mike appreciate that. And before we conclude I just want to ask you to share a closing thought for the listeners and then the best place where they could follow you or reach out to you.

Mike Biselli: [00:15:56] Yeah you know let’s start with the best place to connect. I always love connecting with other like minded folks that can find it very easily. But very active on Twitter as well just have my handle @mikebiselli. You also of course are heading over to the catalyst site at catalysthealthteach.com Feel free to hit me up when we know we could be doing in one sentiment to leave with the listeners. And I always share this. It’s what drives me. If you’re passionate about reimagining health care you have a seat at our table.

Saul Marquez: [00:16:26] Love it listeners take that and make sure that you use that invitation. If you are serious about changing health care so Mike couldn’t be more pleased with just you haven’t taken the time to spend with us and just want to say thank you on behalf of the listeners and outcomes rocket. Thanks so much.

Mike Biselli: [00:16:42] It’s a pleasure being here today I look forward to further engagement and looking forward to hearing from your listeners. Thanks again.

: [00:16:52] Thanks for listening to the outcomes rocket podcast. Be sure to visit us on the web at www.outcomesrocket.health for the show notes, resources, inspiration and so much more.

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