How Digital is Making it Possible to Scale Effective Care Models

Amanda DeMano, Vice President at AVIA Health Innovation

How Digital Is Making It Possible To Scale Effective Care Models

In this episode, we have the privilege to feature Amanda Demano, Vice President at Avia Health Innovation. Amanda discusses how Avia, as the nation’s leading network for the health system, seeks to innovate and transform through digital strategy. She shares excellent examples of how her company has improved outcomes, how Avia is helping health systems and payers address things like disparities in health care, her insights on health innovation, and more. Learn how Amanda and her team are assisting accelerate digital adoption. Enjoy!

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How Digital is Making it Possible to Scale Effective Care Models

About Amanda Demano

Amanda is the Vice President at Avia Health Innovation. She comes to health care with a wide array of experiences, having spent twelve years at UChicago Medicine, where she was Executive Director of IT Strategic Programs. She also held leadership roles in Deloitte Consulting.
Amanda holds a BS in Health Information Management from Saint Louis University and has completed graduate work in Management Information Systems.

Things You’ll Learn

On average, it takes 17 years for research science to prove that a particular treatment or intervention works to address the problem.

The digital adoption post-COVID has given so much attention and fuel to digital transformation and health care.

The consumers are going to follow choices in which they have better experiences.