The Future of Consumer Engagement is Now

We are at a pivotal point in healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented obstacle course for all participants in the healthcare industry. Yet, we need to help consumers overcome their fears and not only attend to their deferred care needs but also to receive the COVID-19 vaccination once their priority phase is able.

Initially in this pandemic, providers and health plans were navigating operational stability in a triage mode not just for their patients, but also for staff, government stakeholders, and other constituencies. They were forced into a reactive mode to address immediate needs related to personnel, technology to support creative patient care models, financial policies, and consumer communications. Now, the focus has shifted. As new and varying protocols fluctuate by geographic region, participation in preventive, acute and elective care is even more essential. Educating consumers not only the importance of receiving the vaccine but also what being vaccinated means and the continued precautions they must take becomes paramount. Yet consumers are bombarded with conflicting, confusing, and frightening information daily, in some cases preventing them from resuming continuity in their healthcare, and curtailing mass vaccination efforts.

Join Saul as he talks with three industry executives: Kathleen Ellmore, consumer engagement expert and Managing Director, Engagys, Scott Whyte, Chief Digital Officer at AeroSafe Global, and Gina Mangus, Vice President of Strategy and Development of Flagler Health+, to learn how they are helping to tackle the challenges associated with getting consumers to back into the healthcare system.

Our panel will help you learn innovative and creative approaches that can be implemented today. Become a reliable source of truth for your patients and members and ensure you are prepared for the new normal

Webinar: The Future of Consumer Engagement is Now