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OR022 Efficient Technology = Outstanding Patient Care with Terry Williams, Founder and CEO at Rhize Tech
EP. 22
15 min 7 sec

Terry Williams, Founder and CEO at Rhize Tech

OR022 Efficient Technology = Outstanding Patient Car

OR022 Efficient Technology = Outstanding Patient Care with Terry Williams, Founder and CEO at Rhize Tech

Episode 22

Providing an Outstanding Patient Care Through Effective and Efficient Technology and Hospital Network with Terry Williams, Founder and CEO at Rhize Tech

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Terry Williams was a top performing high school and collegiate athlete, he transitioned his All-American talents to his professional IT career. With no fear of the big stage, he worked his way up the enterprise IT ladder with impact roles at AT&T, Sprint, Level 3 Communications, and EDS.

After rolling out 10 Tier-4 data centers, working in Level 3’s Dedicated NOC, managing complicated IT for mergers and acquisitions, and building out Colorado’s first electronic voter registration system, Terry turned his sights on Health Care IT.

Over the past eight years, Terry has made waves in Health Care IT bringing technology to the forefront, and in 2014 he launched on of Colorado’s fastest growing companies, Rhize Tech.

Rhize Tech is changing the game in Information Technology solutions and consulting. As natural-born leader on and off the field, Terry has assembled a team of industry leaders committed to excellence, fair pricing, exceptional customer service, and providing world-class technology solutions that allow companies to run faster and more efficiently.

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Why Healthcare? A headhunter reached out to me and encouraged me to enter into healthcare. I took a leap of faith and took a position at Vail Valley Medical Center in Colorado.

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Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda: Providing an outstanding patient care and ensure effective and efficient technology and hospital network.

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How have you created results by doing things differently? Our biggest thing is customer service.

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Setbacks that you learned from: Choosing the right name and brand.

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Proudest leadership moments: We delivered 2 Tier-3 state of the art data centers to world class hospital.

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Exciting Project: We are in the process of acquiring another healthcare technology company.

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Terry 101 Course on Outcomes Improvement:

1. What is the best way to improve healthcare outcomes?

Listen to your patients and measure patient outcomes.

2. What is the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid?

Just having your deliverables that outpace your customer service.

3. How do you stay relevant as an organization despite constant change?

Read, listen to people, go to conferences and listen to  Outcomes Rocket podcast

4. One area of focus that should drive everything else is:

Outstanding customer service.

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Recommended Book:

Elon Musk

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Closing Thought:

Follow your dreams and align your dreams with the dreams of others.

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The Best Way To Contact Terry:


Contact number: 970-376-7843

Website: https://rhizetech.com/

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