006 – Healthcare Innovation and Thinking Big with Robin Farmanfarmian, Professional Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

Improving healthcare through virtual reality

006 – Healthcare Innovation and Thinking Big with Robin Farmanfarmian, Professional Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

Robin Farmanfarmaian is an entrepreneur, founder, professional speaker and investor working in cutting edge technology and medicine. Currently, Farmanfarmaian is an Angel Investor and VP at Invicta Medical, a medical technology company focusing sleep apnea. A lifelong philanthropist, she is the Co-Founder and Board of Directors (formally Executive Director) for the Organ Preservation Alliance, catalyzing breakthroughs in organ banking for transplants and tissue engineering. She is also the Co-Founder of Somni-Labs. Previous work includes President of Innovation for Jobs, COO of Arc Fusion, VP at Singularity University, and a Founder of Morfit & the Exponential Medicine conference. Her book, “The Patient as CEO; How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer”, is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

A Hot topic that should be on your agenda today:  Innovation

Avoid the B word.  Bureaucracy.  How can you infiltrate your company with entrepreneurial energy and growth?  Either hire entrepreneurs or buy companies and bring them with you.  Look for companies that align with your mission who closed their series A and buy them.

How have you created results from thinking and doing things differently?:

Using virtual reality for paralysis to retrain the brain to help people gain motor control.  Mind Maze.

Setbacks that you learned from:  The power of the right teams

Joined the wrong team, was not respected and not jiving with her values.  Learned the importance of choosing the right teams and surround yourself with givers.  Check out “Give and Take” by Adam Grant (also check out the TED Talk).

Proudest Leadership Moment: Inspiring people and Perspective

Through experience, be mindful and don’t be stressed out about it.  Perspective is key.  Robin’s advice is to work out on a daily basis and listens to 1-2 hours of music minimum.  Thirdly, get sleep!

An exciting project or focus:  Combating the opiate epidemic

Long term chronic disease patients get access to what they need while avoiding addiction.  She believes health coaches will provide much support and needed guidance to the problem.

Robin’s 101 Course to Outcomes Improvement

1.  What is the best way to improve healthcare outcomes?

Patient-centric value based healthcare.

2.  What is the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid?

     a. Practitioners:  Not allowing the patient to be in control.  Treating the patient as a victim vs. someone with a voice on the healthcare team. 

       b. Patients:  Not asking questions and not taking control.  You are not a victim, this is your life.  Maximize your life! 

3.  How do you stay relevant as an organization despite constant change?

Define the number you want to impact and commit.  “Impact 100 million patients.”

Book Recommendations:  

1. The Patient as CEO – Robin Farmanfarmian

2. The Fourth Transformation – Robert Scobel

Closing Thought:  You can do it, dream big.  Just dive into the deep end with goals and metrics.

The best way to reach Robin:  patientasceo@gmail.com or just google search her, she’s the only one in the universe with the name.


Robins Website – http://thepatientceo.com/

MindMaze -MindMaze is pioneering a breakthrough computing platform that captures brain activity upon intent, creating a new operating system for computers – a brain O/S.

Actavalon -Curing cancer by repairing the p53 protein.

Reflection.io – Refection helps you track &analyze everything you need to know about the performance your own apps, competitors, and platforms.