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OR031 Humanizing Healthcare with James “Jamey” Edwards, CEO of Cloudbreak Health, LLC

James “Jamey” Edwards, CEO of Cloudbreak Health, LLC

OR031 Humanizing Healthcare

Reducing the barriers to care

OR031 Humanizing Healthcare with James “Jamey” Edwards, CEO of Cloudbreak Health, LLC

Humanizing Healthcare with James "Jamey" Edwards, CEO of Cloudbreak Health, LLC

Jamey Edwards is the CEO of Cloudbreak Health, LLC, a leading telemedicine company currently performing over 75,000 encounters per month in over 700 hospitals nationwide. Cloudbreak’s mission is to humanize healthcare by leveraging technology to build trusted communication and relationships between patients and providers.

Cloudbreak was formed by bringing together two industry leaders, Language Access Network (the leading Video Remote Interpreting pioneer) and Carenection (the first Telemedicine market network) to deliver unified telehealth solutions to hospitals nationwide.

The results: 1) better outcomes, quality & satisfaction for patients and providers 2) a huge ROI, improved financial performance & sustainability for hospitals 3) reduced costs of care and better care coordination for Insurers 4) a solution for our physician burnout issues through restoring the joy of calling back to their practice.

He is also Board Member for Los Angeles Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Partners in Care Foundation and the Young President’s Organization (Santa Monica Bay Chapter).

Jamey has been a 4x Honoree for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (semifinalist in ’11 & finalist in ’13 & ’14 & ’17) and a 3x Honoree for the LABJ Healthcare Leadership Awards in the Medical Group CEO category.

He graduated as a Tradition Fellow from Cornell University in 1996 & received his MBA from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management in 2003.

Jamey is a proud member of the #PinkSocks Tribe of healthcare innovators that can be found on Twitter and beyond working to disrupt healthcare from the ground up and drive positive change for patients and providers.

Why healthcare? I’ve got to see a lot of companies do it right or do it wrong. My uncle, who was an ER doctor told me I could help his business and eventually asked me to join his business full-time. We eventually built one of the leading groups in the southwest with about a million patients a year. We then came across a company which later on became Cloudbreak health

Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda: Humanizing healthcare

Setbacks that you learned from:  Our system went down for three days (due to one of our partner systems). It was an opportunity to show our clients how much we cared about them. We came up with a contingency plan, made sure they had access to services and even paid for those services. We did what was right.

Proudest leadership moment:  The Avanti [Telestroke] case study is a shining example of our innovative spirit and pioneering vision.  We have brought a lot of firsts to market and we continue to look to the future and skate to the puck.

Jamey’s 101 Course on Outcomes Improvement:

1.What is the best way to improve healthcare outcomes?

Focus on the things that build to the outcome instead of the outcome itself – for us that is empathy and communications

2. What is the biggest mistake or pitfall to avoid?

Applying your own frame and assuming that it’s applicable to everybody’s situation

3. How do you stay relevant as an organization despite constant change?

Do not chase the change – focus on your mission

4. One area of focus that should drive everything else is:

Execution.  Ideas don’t corner a market, markets are cornered on execution.

Recommended Book:

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers

Closing Thought:

So grateful for the time to be at the podcast and getting this message out is important, so thank you.

The Best Way To Contact Jamey:

Linkedin – Jamey Edwards

Twitter – @jameyedwards

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