Introducing the Care Delivery Podcast

Manav Sevak, Co-Founder, and CEO at Memora Health

Introducing the Care Delivery Podcast

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In this episode, Manav Sevak, CEO, and co-founder of Memora Health talks about the upcoming Outcomes Rocket Care Delivery Podcast. Manav explains how he seeks to position the Care Delivery Podcast as a central hub where you can go to learn how the entire healthcare system works from the people who operate in the space and have tons of years of experience in it. He will have healthcare executives, non-healthcare operators, and investors as guests to provide the listener with their unique perspectives in 15 to 20 minutes episodes, released every two weeks.


Tune in to this episode to learn about how this new podcast will help you form a holistic view of how the industry is changing!

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Introducing the Care Delivery Podcast

About Manav Sevak:

Manav Sevak is the host of Outcomes Rocket Care Delivery. He also is co-founder and CEO of Memora Health. Manav’s focus on digital health stems from his background in medicine and training as a computer scientist. Previously, he has worked as a public health researcher at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Harvard School of Public Health, and most recently as a computational biologist focused on cancer genomics research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. He has previously lectured in medical informatics at the University of Pennsylvania and is an adjunct lecturer at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He joined Outcomes Rocket to host the Care Delivery focus of the podcast and to give leaders like you a unique avenue for thought leadership and recognition. Our guest outreach is highly selective, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to the podcast as a guest speaker on the Outcomes Rocket Care Delivery Series.


About Memora Health: 
Memora Health is the leading technology platform for virtual care delivery and complex care management. Memora partners with leading health systems, health plans, life science companies, and digital health companies to transform the care delivery process for patients and care teams.
The company’s platform digitizes and automates complex care workflows, supercharging care teams by intelligently triaging patient-reported concerns and data to appropriate care team members and providing patients with proactive, two-way communication on their care journeys.


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Manav Sevak:
Welcome to the Memora Health Care Delivery Podcast. Through conversations with industry leaders and innovators, we uncover ways to simplify how patients and care teams navigate complex care delivery.

Saul Marquez:
Hey everybody! Saul Marquez with the Outcomes Rocket. Welcome back, and thank you so much for tuning in. I’m so excited because today I’m going to introduce you, well, actually reintroduce you because we’ve had him on the podcast before, to one of our new hosts. His name is Manav Sevak and he’s the co-founder and CEO of Memora Health. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the episode, we did an incredible episode, we’ll link it to the show notes here. Memora is where he’s the CEO. They’re a company that’s using natural language processing technology to build the next generation of outpatient care and modernizing patient communication. Manav’s focus on digital health stems from his background in medicine and training as a computational biologist. Previously, he’s worked as a public health researcher at the US Centers for Disease Control and Harvard School of Public Health. Most recently as a computational biologist, he focused on cancer genomics research at the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard. Just an incredible person, an incredible leader, and today I get the privilege of welcoming him to the podcast as the host of the new podcast, which is called the Care Delivery Podcast, powered by Memora Health. So with that intro, Manav, welcome.

Manav Sevak:
Okay, incredibly excited to be here and to be a host of the new podcast.

Saul Marquez:
Man, we’re so excited you decided to do this Manav, we’re honored, and so, to kick things off, what do you want to share with the listeners about you, aside from what I’ve already offered?

Manav Sevak:
Yeah, absolutely. I thought the background was very, very thorough, so thank you for that. One of the founders and the CEO of Memorial Health started the company a little over five years ago, primarily out of first-hand and second-hand challenges that we had seen around patient communication that my co-founder and I had seen. And I think one of the things that we learned really quickly, not prior to that having been in healthcare, is that healthcare is incredibly complex, and there’s a ton of information that you need to know to actually have a meaningful impact and build a really meaningful company in a place like this. And one of the things that we, I think, struggled with for the first, now, six years, five and a half, six years of working on Memora, especially early on, was there’s no central place that you can go to just learn how the entire healthcare system works. There’s obviously a lot more resources now than there were five, six years ago, But at the end of the day, the people that know it best are the people who actually operate in the space and have tons of years of experience in it. So we’ve spent six years now building out a really, really large network of folks across the board and have been really fortunate that people have been willing to give us the time, that includes early advisors to now our customers and our partners, other companies that we’ve partnered with and leverage their products as a part of Memora’s platform, investors that we’ve worked with, other founders that I’ve had a chance to meet, and thought leaders in the space and really excited to use this as an outlet to share that.

Saul Marquez:
Man, that is so exciting, you know, and even beforehand, right? I mean, you did a lot of work even before you started the company, but now everything’s culminating into this opportunity to showcase all the partnerships, all the people, all the experts, and there is no central hub. So, folks, you could begin to think of the Care Delivery podcast as your central hub to download and fast-track your understanding of the health system. Manav, what should people expect about the podcast? And maybe you could share a little bit about the guests and things that they’ll be chatting about.

Manav Sevak:
Yeah, absolutely. So, Saul, you framed it exactly the right way. I would think of it almost as the hub for getting a really, really candid, firsthand perspective on the entire healthcare ecosystem. There’s three really big buckets of guests that we’re going to focus on bringing on. It’s healthcare executives, that includes across health plans, health systems, life science companies, and everything in between. Non-healthcare operators, so getting a really good perspective of how people outside of healthcare, perceive what’s happening in the healthcare industry and perceive all the transformation that’s happened over the past ten, fifteen years. And then the third category is investors, who naturally will have an entirely different perspective as well on how the healthcare industry is evolving. And the really big goal is that there aren’t a lot of channels or podcasts or outlets where people can go to get holistic perspective from providers and clinicians and hospital administrators and health plan executives and investors and people outside of healthcare and kind of use that to form a really holistic view of how the industry is changing, and we’re hoping that this represents that.

Saul Marquez:
I love that. And with so much change, I mean, recently I saw Amazon just bought One Medical, the systems are changing, like, rapidly. So having the discussions that you’re going to have are going to be super exciting to really help folks get a handle on a lot of those macro issues that we’re faced with, whether it’s like shortages in staff, increase pricing as a result, in whatever it is and how to best take care of patients, this is going to be a critical podcast for that. Tell us how often it’s going to be broadcasted, how long the episodes are going to be, and most importantly, why you’re doing this.

Manav Sevak:
Yeah, absolutely. So we’re going to plan on putting out a new episode every two weeks. They’re going to be kind of anywhere between 15 to 20-minute, pretty casual conversations. And most of the folks that will be on, will be folks that we’ve built relationships with over the last several years, and we know are passionate and interested in healthcare as an industry and not just interested in where the industry is today, but interested in impacting it and changing it over the next several years so that we can better care for our patients and build really, really meaningful clinical interventions in the space. And the really big reason that we’re starting this and that we’ve been working on putting it together over the past several months is that, every single time we’ve talked with a health system leader and asked them who they wish they would have more perspective from, they say health plan leaders. Every time we talk to health plan leaders and have asked them who do they wish they had more perspective from or would hear more soundbites from, its health system leaders. Every time you ask somebody who does a lot of work in digital and healthcare and ask them what perspective they want, it’s from people outside of healthcare. So all the different people that we interact with, you see that there’s always a party that they feel is that they don’t get a lot of perspective from, and there’s not one place that centralizes input or centralizes, you know, soundbites and perspective from all of those different parties. So we’re hoping that this becomes a kind of centralized hub where you can get perspective on how every single key party, given the fact that there are so many parties that are involved in every single care episode, actually think about how healthcare is changing.

Saul Marquez:
Man, that’s huge. I am so excited about this, and folks, whether you don’t know much about healthcare, which I highly doubt because if you’re listening to this, you do. But just in case, if you’re catching up, or maybe, you know, a little bit and you’re looking to ramp up quickly, or maybe you’re already an expert and you want to get that edge, this podcast is for you, and it’s going to be, the value is going to be huge. It’s going to be short and sweet, which is what I love about it. I’m super excited for the partnership that we have going on with Manav and Memora. You know, Manav, what would you say is the key reason people should listen? How is it different? And yeah, from here, they’ll be listening to you. So let them know.

Manav Sevak:
Yeah, biggest reason is that you get really diverse perspective in a way that you don’t on other outlets, and we’re really, really excited to bring holistic perspective to the healthcare industry and hopefully to the listeners. And second, outside of that, these are people that we’ve built relationships with, so they’re casual, unfiltered conversations. They’re not, let’s say that the version of this that you may hear on a panel, it’s much more almost in the setting of two friends having coffee or two friends having a casual conversation in a living room, and that’s how we’ve we’ve really tried to structure it based on who we’ve brought on. So you’ll hear a lot more unfiltered perspective that hopefully is valuable, and the, hopefully, biggest takeaway from this is that I expect the people that will be listening are the ones that are super curious about how healthcare is changing and people who are just looking to learn more and hear from other leaders in the space.

Saul Marquez:
I love it, Manav. Well, listen, I will definitely be having coffee with you as you have these conversations, and I will be tuning in, and, folks, an invitation for you to join us for coffee as we do have these conversations to make a difference in healthcare. Manav, so excited to have you here as a host of the podcast. Welcome, my friend. Welcome to the family, and listeners, please join me in welcoming him. If you want to leave any commentaries in anywhere we post this, please do. We’re excited to hear your feedback as well. Manav, welcome.

Manav Sevak:
Thank you so much, Saul, excited to kick off.

Manav Sevak:
Thanks for listening to the Memora Health Care Delivery Podcast. For more ideas on simplifying complex care for care teams and patients, visit

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Things You’ll Learn:

  • The Outcomes Rocket Care Delivery podcast is brought to you by Memora Health; a company that uses natural language processing technology to build the next generation of outpatient care and modernize patient communication.
  • Healthcare is incredibly complex; there is a lot of information you need to know to have a meaningful impact.
  • The Care Delivery Podcast seeks to become a central hub where you can go to learn how the entire healthcare system works from the people who operate in the space.
  • There will be three types of guests featured in the podcast: healthcare executives, non-healthcare operators, and investors, to provide the listeners with different and unique perspectives on Healthcare.
  • Every episode will be an unfiltered conversation that will last between fifteen and twenty minutes and will be released once every two weeks.