BONUS Episode: Medstartr Crowdfunding Challenge Invitation with Alex Fair, Managing Partner at MedStartr Ventures

Alex Fair is a health innovation community leader, product developer, executive, public speaker, and business developer.  With the help of some fantastic people, he has had the great good fortune to have built, managed and done some interesting things. Here are a few of his favorites include MedStartr, HealthCareMD among others which can be found on his LinkedIn profile.

HERE is YOUR INVITATION: The MedStartr Challenge in November!

  1. If before Nov 30th, 2017, visit:
  2. If after November 30th, visit:

Here’s what you and your team can win!!

$250,000 in funding

$100,000 from Amazon

$10,000 from Mad Pow

1-week accelerator

2 years of support from MedStartr

The Best Way To Contact Alex:

Office Phone – 530-633-7827

Email –

Alex’s Show Notes:

Why healthcare? Started with studying philosophy but after having seen several of his family members die of cancer, he wanted to do something more proximal and directly impactful in healthcare.

Hot Topic that should healthcare leaders agenda: Innovation in large companies can be challenging.  Keep your eyes on the “3 guys and the dog”.  They’re innovating and can help you innovate too.

Exciting project: Working to get 8 new companies in the portfolio.

Closing Thought: Keep Innovating.  No matter who you are or what you do, don’t be afraid to wander and keep creating things.