From Startups to Success: Navigating Rare Disease Drug Commercialization

Peter Shadday, Chief Commercial Officer US and Global Head of Marketing Specialties at Zambon

From Startups to Success: Navigating Rare Disease Drug Commercialization

Launching a life-saving drug is a complex process that requires a village of experts. Fortunately, Zambon has one! 


In this episode, Peter Shadday, Chief Commercial Officer US and Global Head of Marketing Specialties at Zambon, shares his insights on successfully commercializing rare disease pharmaceutical products in the startup space. From navigating regulatory hurdles to developing a market access strategy, Peter draws on his extensive experience to shed light on the challenges and opportunities of the field, he discusses the importance of patient support and health economics to develop a successful market access strategy and the challenges he has encountered in the rare disease field due to the scarce nature of these. He also reflects on the importance of building a culture of co-ownership and collaboration to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert in drug commercialization. 

Tune in to the episode now and gain valuable insights on launching a successful drug in the rare disease space!



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From Startups to Success: Navigating Rare Disease Drug Commercialization

About Peter Shadday: 

Highly passionate and innovative biopharmaceutical executive with multinational commercial expertise leading global, regional, and local cross-functional teams, assets, and brands across the full drug development pathway. Peter’s strategic and marketing experience spans large,   mid-size, and start-up pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies (Novartis, Gilead, Lundbeck, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Breath Therapeutics/Zambon) which includes leadership roles for several global product launches. A results-oriented leader who has effectively managed and delivered large launch portfolios, Peter understands dynamic global and regional market conditions and knows how to successfully position and commercialize complex products that generate sales and increase value. 

Known for fostering inclusive and empowering cultures that inspire and bring out the best in teams, he consistently acts as a catalyst and accelerator to streamline business processes and cultivate new ideas while inspiring teams to think bigger and push further. Peter is also an effective communicator and leader, creating collaborative and vibrant working environments within global cultures. He has dual U.S. and French citizenship, speaks five languages, and draws on more than 30 years of multinational experience leading global sales and marketing efforts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  

For the past 15 years, Peter has specialized in launching specialty and rare disease products in gastrointestinal, infectious disease, neuroscience, and respiratory diseases. In preparing these launches, he has built cohesive commercial organizations and led these teams in designing launch strategies and roadmaps that deliver results, creating and operationalizing strong Access and Health Economic evidence, developing patient support programs, forecast tools and analytics, government policy, professional and patient advocacy collaborations, and disease awareness and launch campaigns.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • The commercial risk might be the second most significant risk pharma companies face when launching for the first time.
  • A successful pivotal trial will enable one to register a drug and potentially launch it successfully if there’s a commercial vision for the product in development as well.
  • European and Asian countries count on national reimbursement systems for healthcare insurance aside from private markets. 
  • The US healthcare system will always give some coverage even if access to medication can take longer.
  • Pharmaceutical markets around the world have their regulatory process.
  • The 6C Model is a leadership model for business teams where you move from coexistence to co-ownership. 
  • In the 6C Model, team members look at themselves as an organization, check in regularly on their state, and communicate honestly with themselves and the rest of their team.