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Episode 1 - Tackling Workplace Violence in Healthcare

With Mary Beth Kingston - EVP, Chief Nursing Officer

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Episode 2 - Combatting Bullying and Incivility in Healthcare

With Renee Thompson - CEO and founder of the Healthy Workforce Institute

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Episode 3 - Enhancing Safety with a Reporting Culture: Taking Action Against Violence in Healthcare

With Karen Garvey - Vice President, Safety & Clinical Risk Management at Parkland Hospital

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Episode 4 - Exploring Threat Assessment Strategies in Healthcare Settings

With Randy Stephan - System Vice President (Security) at Advocate Aurora Health and Mark Concordia - Executive Director Workplace Violence Prevention & Security Support Services at Advocate Aurora Health

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Episode 5 - An Expert’s Advice on Building a Culture of Safety in Healthcare

With Lynn Van Male - President at Lynn Van Male LLC

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Episode 6 - From Challenges to Solutions: Fostering Well-being Amidst Workplace Violence

With Mila Felder - Enterprise Vice President, Well-being for All Teammates and Medical Director of Wellbeing at Advocate Health

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