Expanding Possibilities in Healthcare & Delivery:  Nurses Leading the Way 



EPISODES BEGIN MAY 5th - Three Episodes a Week Showcasing Nurse Leaders and Innovators

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The Powerful Difference School Nurses Make in Our Health

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Leveraging Adversity to Meet Your Goals

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Nurse Impact in Big Tech

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Who Brought the Water Cooler to the Boardroom?

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How Nurses are Transforming the Future of Health

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Shaping the Future of Health Fueled by Nurses

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Education and Incubation of Nurse-led Innovation

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Finding Your Tribe in Nurse Leadership and Innovation

Keep Breathing: Avoiding Hypoxia with the McMurray Enhanced Airway (MEA)

Hazards of Lines, Tubes, and Cords - A Nursing Product Development Story

Nurse Invented, Automated Patient Monitoring

Sonsiel Nurse Leadership & Innovation Wrap-Up

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