Burning Bright with Hannah Austin

Hannah Austin, Founder & CEO of SheShatters, and host of the She Burns Podcast

Burning Bright

Burn bright instead of burning out! In this episode, Hannah Austin Founder & CEO of SheShatters, and host of the She Burns Podcast talks about how SheShatters manages and prevents staff burnout through life coaching and counseling. She talks about bringing wellness to employees by designing with them life plans considering communication, boundary setting, and other parameters.


Hannah promotes the She Burns Podcast and talks about how it’s talking to people about burnout issues in their lives. Its current third season focuses on women changing the world from a DEI and corporate wellness standpoint.


Tune in to this episode to learn about overcoming burnout with life coaching!

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Burning Bright with Hannah Austin

About Hannah Austin:

Born in Palmer, Alaska, Hannah moved around a lot as a child before meeting her husband and settling down in Portland, Oregon. Her true passion in life is helping women who are on fire in their careers learn how to slow the burn and find balance, and she, herself underwent a journey through burnout. After more than a decade of climbing the corporate healthcare ladder in California, she realized that something needed to change. She founded SheShatters, of which she currently is the CEO. Ever since she’s become a highly sought-after corporate leader and management professional specializing in the management and prevention of burnout for professionals.


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Saul Marquez:
Hey everybody! Saul Marquez with the Outcomes Rocket. I want to welcome you back to the podcast. Today, I have an amazing guest. Her name is Hannah Austin. She’s the CEO of SheShatters. She’s a highly sought-after corporate leader and management professional specializing in the management and prevention of burnout for professionals. She has done it all, from being at the provider side to being in management. She’s an amazing individual with over 20 years in the healthcare industry, and she is here to tell her story. I want to welcome you to the podcast, Hannah, thank you for being with us.

Hannah Austin:
Thank you so much for having me!

Saul Marquez:
So, Hannah, I was moved by your work, this idea of instead of burning out, burning bright. Tell us a little bit more about what inspires your work in healthcare.

Hannah Austin:
Yeah, thanks for the question. Well, I mean, I, myself was in healthcare for 20 years, and the pandemic pretty much sent me over the edge, and I crashed and burned and collapsed in the hospital that I was managing. So that’s a pretty cathartic story, but after taking a couple of months off, I started turning towards my community and asking them, what do you need? And they all said, we’re burned out, we need resources for burnout and burnout prevention. And I started little by little in coaching and counseling staff in regards to their burnout and teaching them other ways and other alternatives to burn bright, and I created a Burn Bright Prevention program and started an international She Burns Podcast.

Saul Marquez:
Amazing, amazing. And by the way, folks, if you haven’t had a chance to check out Hannah’s podcast, check it out. We’re going to leave links to the podcast, to her website, to all the work that she’s doing, even a book that’s coming up. Just pretty, pretty cool stuff. We’ll leave all those links in the show notes for you to check out because it’s a must, it’s a must. So, Hannah, you started doing this work because it affected you personally. Talk to us about, how what you do differs than, maybe other programs that might be out there?

Hannah Austin:
Yeah, I mean, I think a lot of people talk about burnout, and now that it’s established as a World Health Organization pandemic, right? Everybody’s burned out, but I really go deep into the why someone burned out, what are those patterns that cause them to burn out in the first place? What are some other alternatives or options or ways to do things that they could change behaviors, patterns, and workflows in their lives? There’s a lot of our history when we’re young that we’re taught that we should be doing this or we should follow corporate culture or we should get a job, or we should do this. A lot of shoulds in our world, and I like to dive deep in with my clients and talk about what do you want? What do you want out of life? And what do you want your life to really look like? And we work together on setting boundaries, and set clear parameters, and design a life plan for them to ultimately, at the end of it, get to the status of joy winning. How does joy win in your life, and how are you removing those shoulds and setting boundaries in your life to live an extraordinary life?

Saul Marquez:
Wow, that sounds awesome. And so this is available through individual coaching, organizational coaching? Tell us a little bit more about how you deliver all of it.

Hannah Austin:
Yes, so I do individual coaching, one-on-one. We also are going to be establishing a group program in the next couple of weeks. But a lot of the time, companies hire me to go into their dead workforce, as I call them, and I breathe life into their workforce. I ask their employees questions, what do you like about working here? What do you not like about working here? What do you wish you had? And I provide that bridge between employees and employer and really figure out strategic plans, ways of communication, and design roadmaps for the teams to come together and ensure there’s retention and quality support and wellness amongst the entire team. It’s a very fun workshop, a lot of laughing, a lot of cool exercises, and we make wellness fun.

Saul Marquez:
I love it and tell us more about the She Burns Podcast.

Hannah Austin:
Yeah, so this is something that I started, I was just mentioning to you, I never knew anything about starting a podcast, but my listeners and my customers really wanted something that they could listen to, right? We can’t, we don’t all want to read another article, so they wanted me to start a podcast, which I did. My whole community named it She Burns, She Burns Bright, and it’s talking to real women and men about real-life issues in their lives. How do they overcome burnout? What do you do when you’re so done but you can’t be done? What does resilience mean? And ultimately, this season, season three, is called Women Game Changers, so women that are changing the world from a DEI standpoint and from a corporate wellness standpoint. So stay tuned to us on Spotify and Apple, and I think you’re going to drop the links in the chat.

Saul Marquez:
Oh, yeah, those links will be dropped. And folks, make sure you listen to them because just Hannah is just such an incredible person, a great leader. She’s been through the challenge herself. She’s helping folks like us through the challenge because we all go through it. You know, the pandemic was brutal, but let’s be honest, there’s still challenges that we’re all faced with, and Hannah is burning a bright light for all of us to follow and for that, we thank you, Hannah. What closing thought would you leave our listeners with here?

Hannah Austin:
I would just say, you know, if you’re in a situation where you’re feeling like it’s a really dark time for you, you are not alone. So many of us, I think Saul just mentioned, we’re all in this together, but the best thing you can do is reach out for support. I can help you get to a brighter light, I can help you get to living that extraordinary life. A lot of people think life coaching is crazy, but the reality is you have a partner with you along the way to help you get where you want to get to in your life, and you don’t have to be in that dark place.

Saul Marquez:
Amazing, amazing. Hannah, thanks for what you do. Folks, make sure you connect with Hannah. All of the ways to connect with her will be in the show notes, so make sure you do that. Make sure you listen to her podcast. Hannah, thanks for jumping on with us.

Hannah Austin:
Thank you so much.

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Things You’ll Learn:

  • Hannah Austin and SheShatters provide a bridge between employees and employers to figure out strategic plans, ways of communication, and design roadmaps to ensure retention, quality support, and wellness amongst work teams affected by burnout.
  • How the She Burns Podcast talks to women and men about real-life issues and overcoming burnout.
  • The third and current season of the She Burns Podcast is called Women Game Changers, and it focuses on women changing the world from a DEI and a corporate wellness standpoint. 
  • Life coaching provides people with a partner that helps them get where they want to get in their lives.
  • Hannah Austin will release the book “Hello Head-Meet Heart” in January 2023.