Podcast Launchpad
Podcast Launchpad
* Deliver Your Message *Improve Outcomes *Grow Your Business

You have a great idea, you want customers to know more about it.  You are doing amazing things and want to spread the word.  You have a solution that could change healthcare for the better and want to reach the right audience.  

If this is you, then our podcast launchpad will help you deliver your message better, so you can grow your business by doing what you love.

Here's How it Works
1.  Choose a Launchpad
2.  Create Your Podcast
3.  Reach Your Customers
- Two Launchpads to Choose From -
You like things your way.  You don't mind putting in the work and taking on a project that will meaningfully increase your reach and scale.  Your budget is limited and you have to find a way to reach more people fast.  If this is you, the Do it Yourself Program is for you.
  •  Step by Step Tutorials on Creating Your Own Podcast
  •  A list of resources, tools, websites and how-to manuals.
  •  3 months of online Support to answer questions.
You don't have the time and don't have a team to handle this work.  No worries!  With our turnkey solution, we create the entire podcast and help manage it for you.  From artwork, music, intros, outros and even guest booking.  If you're looking for a fast way to start with the least amount of time and work, this option is for you.
  •  We create a plan for you podcast that aligns with your vision.
  •  We execute on that plan and make your podcast come to life.
  •  You enjoy the benefits.
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