This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / August 8th – 12th 2022

Welcome to the weekly summary of what happened this week in the Outcomes Rocket Network! We are so excited to be launching this and give you the chance to explore and listen to people from other verticals in the healthcare ecosystem!


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This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / August 8th – 12th 2022

Here are the episodes we had this week: 

  • In Marketing Mondays, Andreea Borcea talks with Rhonda Blaschke about the importance of really understanding one’s customers, specifically if you’re working in healthcare, because your buyers are not a single person, among other marketing topics. Tune in to that episode here.
  • On the SONSIEL Podcast on Tuesday, host Hiyam Nadel welcomes Joshua Littlejohn, a nurse that pivoted into technology and now helps build the tools that others use. Tune in here
  • TJ Southern welcomes Amora Upton, an Army veteran and nurse Informaticist at the Department of Veteran Affairs in the Future of Global Informatics. Tune in here to listen to them discuss Amora’s journey as a nurse informaticist, starting in the army and then moving on to working on artificial intelligence policy issues.
  • Finally, in the Outcomes Rocket Podcast, Saul enjoys chatting with John Couris, the President and CEO at Tampa General Hospital. They will talk about how you could become a better leader and the things that you could be thinking about in care coordination. Listen here


We really hope you enjoy the episodes and shows we are bringing to the Outcomes Rocket Network! Tune in every week to discover something new about this industry. Remember, please send us your feedback to the email in the resources section! We greatly appreciate all of your thoughts and words! 


This Week on the ORN (08.08.22): Audio automatically transcribed by Sonix

This Week on the ORN (08.08.22): this mp3 audio file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Saul Marquez:
Hey everybody. Saul Marquez with the Outcomes Rocket, welcome back to the podcast. We are so happy to be launching the Outcomes Rocket Network, which will be your go-to one-stop shop for all things healthcare. And so what I’m going to be doing every week, I’m still going to be doing interviews, guys, so I’m not going anywhere. But I got a lot of requests asking for more unique content that’s very specific to verticals. So I’ll be giving you a weekly snapshot of, of what’s coming up this week, every single week, in addition to the interviews that I’ll be doing with amazing health leaders, which you’re used to. So let me just start by telling you it’s a privilege to be here with you guys and to be a source of information for, for you in your everyday work that you do as a healthcare leader. And I want you to know that I take that very seriously, we don’t, we don’t take that lightly. So I want to start off by saying thank you for listening and thank you for welcoming these new shows that we’re introducing to the podcast. And as we do introduce the new shows and this new concept of the network, I’m interested in your feedback, so let me know what your thoughts are. Shoot me an email, Saul, S A U L@outcomesrocket.com. I’m definitely wanting to hear feedback on the rollout of, of the new network and the things that we’re doing. So thank you for that. I really appreciate you doing that. And for any feedback you do, send my way, I’ll make it worth it to you. So thank you for doing that.

Saul Marquez:
So here’s what we got coming up this week. We’ve got a couple of different shows that I’m going to give you insights on, and to begin with, on Marketing Mondays. So, so Marketing Mondays is going to be a show, and you probably heard my episode with Andrea Borcea. She’s going to be highlighting different topics that you can take home and to the business on how to have amazing marketing in healthcare. So Andrea Borcea talks with Rhonda Blaschke on our Marketing Monday’s episode. Rhonda is a dynamic healthcare marketing leader with extensive industry knowledge and a successful track record in services, sales support, and customer relationship management. She is going to be talking about the importance of really understanding one’s customers and things that you could do to better understand your customers to deliver bigger and better results to them and your business. And another key takeaway that will be hearing from on that interview with Rhonda on Marketing Mondays is how to carefully manage patient data, this is a hot topic. Are you doing it? Are you potentially leaving gaps in the way that you’re managing patient data and really just kind of putting together the dots on how we must lean forward in marketing in this space and taking care of customers when they matter the most. So that’s Marketing Mondays, folks. Check out that episode this week.

Saul Marquez:
Then on the SONSIEL podcast. So by the way, so, you know, SONSIEL is a society of nursing scientists, innovators, engineers and leaders, okay? So we are covering some incredible stuff with host Hiyam Nadel on this podcast. On Tuesday, Hiyam welcomes Joshua Littlejohn, a nurse that pivoted into technology, and Joshua helps build the tools that others use to make healthcare better. After working in molecular biology and making television, Joshua became a nurse who then turned to technology, inspired to structure the tools and systems to care for people at scale, something that’s so critical where numbers of caregivers to patients are dwindling every single year. So a couple of things that you’ll take is, first, innovation is all about collaboration and some ways that you could lean on nurses to amplify your innovation. And then secondly is to say yes to any and every opportunity that lands on your lap. You’re going to be surprised at the experiences that this will bring, but definitely tune in to that one to drive innovation and unique ways to drive innovation in your organization or business.

Saul Marquez:
The next podcast preview here that we’ll be giving is on the Future of Global Informatics, hosted by our amazing TJ Southern. She interviews Amora Upton, an Army veteran and nurse Informaticist at the Department of Veteran Affairs. They discuss Amora’s journey as a nurse informaticist, starting in the Army and then moving on to working in artificial intelligence poli issues. How cool is that, right? And so, you know that this podcast is all about creating a network for current and aspiring informaticist to lean on and create awareness about this profession. The episode is going to be up on Wednesday.

Saul Marquez:
And finally, you know, this week we are going to host an amazing podcast on our channel. It’s going to be me doing an awesome interview with John Couris, he’s the president and CEO at Tampa General Hospital who talks about creating an organizational culture and healthcare and innovative ideas he’s implemented at Tampa General Hospital to achieve that. We’re going to cover some really cool things. He’s got some ideas on how you could become a better leader and the things that you could be thinking about. Care coordination, he is going to share how the business that we’re actually in is not care delivery, but care coordination and designing a frictionless operating system that leverages technology and people. How can we bring Starbucks and Amazon to healthcare in the way that we do it, that type of experience to healthcare every single day and then the healthcare industry, right? How it’s adjusting and learning to coexist with COVID-19, dealing with some of the macroeconomic things like inflation, a looming recession, staffing shortages, escalations, and salaries and wages. You’re not going to want to miss that one either.

Saul Marquez:
Folks, I’ll be providing you a weekly update on the podcast that we’re launching here. All of them are intended to add massive value to you and to offer you that one thing that’s going to make a difference for your business, your organization, your team. I can’t thank you enough for tuning in to the Outcomes Rocket Network. Stay tuned for more episodes. They’re coming out every single day, super easily accessible. And again, if you have feedback for me, I want to hear it. Send me an email to Saul@outcomesRocket.com. Let us know how we’re doing. We really appreciate you and appreciate you tuning in to the Outcomes Rocket Network.

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