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Saul Marquez, Host at Outcomes Rocket Podcast

Rethinking Member Engagement

Friday March 26th 2021

Rethinking Member Engagement

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We know we need to do the right things to take care of our health, but we don’t always do them. 

We need help. We need nudges. We need engagement. 

Most importantly, we need to know what to do to maintain health. If we are suffering from chronic conditions, we need to be more educated on how to manage our illness. 

HealthMine addresses these issues in an innovative way. The company uses gift cards and merchandise rewards to incentivize people into taking action to improve their health.


Driving clinical actions with rewards

HealthMine is a member engagement and rewards solution that empowers people to take the right steps forward to a healthier life. 

Established in 2008, the company creates personalized engagement strategies for health insurance plans with the goal of becoming an indispensable platform of health improvement for individuals. 

With its five core values – Integrity, Quality, Accountability, Compassion, and Innovation – HealthMine has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with. 

In our interview with Bryce Williams, CEO of HealthMine, formerly known as SeeChange Health Solutions, he explains how they are increasing health engagement and helping people live healthier lives. 

Why HealthMine?

With a single data point, you might be convinced: HealthMine’s solutions close 2x more gaps in care.

But it does not end there.

HealthMine offers its clients total transparency into the success of member engagement and satisfaction initiatives and other insights, including the ability to identify priority areas in the improvement of Star Ratings and other quality measures.


From your starting point and beyond

One of HealthMine’s core focuses is to meet members where they are and offer customized outreach to encourage engagement in healthcare decisions. 

In 2019, the company conducted a survey among 800 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries with at least one diagnosed chronic condition. The result identified the following five key gaps between MA plan’s beneficiaries and their health plans. 

  • Knowledge Gap
  • Trust Gap
  • Connection Gap
  • Chronic Condition Communication Gap
  • Health Action Gap

Taking into consideration the result of the survey and HealthMine’s vision of empowering individuals to take the right actions to improve their health, the company outlined dynamic solutions to help close the gaps. 

For further information about the “Closing Gaps to Create a Personalized Experience” report by HealthMine, click here

The development of an engagement strategy is easier when the member’s starting points are known beforehand. This also shows the spaces of growth into what information is needed, received and processed.


Going a little further

HealthMine does more than just collect data about members. Its platform takes things to the next level.

The automated platform serves to not only organize basic information about the member and their health status, but to also give a guide on where they should go next and what reward they will receive after completing the action. This idea of taking things further was reinforced during COVID-19. 

The main challenge that 2020 brought was learning how to adapt all the things we did in “normalcy” to a pandemic lifestyle. HealthMine was no stranger to this. With people scared to go to hospitals or healthcare institutions, care gaps started to accumulate quickly. 

“During this time of COVID-19, one of the key applications of our system is the ability to detect this stacking [of gaps], this growing or building of pressure, so to speak, of things that people know that they need to go have done,” says Bryce Williams regarding how they have been working through the pandemic.

Through this, HealthMine becomes an individual’s digital partner in health, reminding them of the ways they can get and stay healthy. 


Motivate – Act – Reward

Using rewards to delight health plan members and enhance the overall member experience is a critical component of HealthMine’s solution.

Members are rewarded through personalized incentives tied to the healthy activities most important to their health needs and goals. It’s all part of building trust, engaging people in their health, and reducing the overall cost of care.


Strategic partnerships for increased member satisfaction

In January, HealthMine announced an expanded partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC), which is the largest not-for-profit healthcare insurance provider in Missouri. Read more about the partnership with Blue KC here. 

When companies like Blue KC choose to launch HealthMine in new lines of business based on the success of programs in other markets, it’s a testament to the quality of work HealthMine does for its clients and the benefits they can bring to plan members. 

HealthMine has many upcoming projects on their product roadmap, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements from the company in 2021. 

Listen to the Outcomes Rocket podcast episode with Bryce Williams, Healthmine’s CEO, and know more about it here: https://outcomesrocket.health/healthmine/2021/03/ 


Written By

Saul Marquez

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