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Reach: Bringing Momentum to Affect Change

Friday April 23rd 2021

Reach: Bringing Momentum to Affect Change

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Reach is a 501(c)(3) global social impact organization supporting public health professionals in influencing and shaping the conversations most paramount to three specific issues:


  • Universal access to quality care, equity in the practice and delivery of care
  • Mutual trust and respect between provider-provider and provider-patient relationships
  • Education and integration of technologies in support of these values.


Reach has been researching and developing programs based on the big questions in the healthcare industry. These conversations are not easy. They always involve a large spectrum of opinions to guarantee satisfaction.


Equity, Quality and Access


Fran Ayalasomayajula founded Reach. She wants to promote innovative ideas to hands-on experience. Creating compelling content on several platforms and channels makes the information accessible. With the combined effort of health professionals, health facilities, and medical companies, achieving these three core values is much easier. Partnerships also nurture them. Currently, Reach is sponsored and partnered with HIMSS, Smooth Podcasting, Social Tree Global, VR Voice, and Outcomes Rocket, among others.


The company has three work branches: services, resources, and projects. Each of them are intertwined and fulfill a specific task.




Reach’s service portfolio is divided into: Vehicle for Change, Topic Areas, and Content Production.


Vehicle for Change creates a community of enthusiasts to influence the design of technology-based solutions delivering better patient-centered care. Topic areas vary. The most recent ones include aging and tech, governance, and health equity. The Content Production service is also an extensive one. From podcasts and webinars to industry reports and fact sheets, Reach delivers high-quality education open to the public.



The Reach website offers all the resources and content they have recently produced. This includes their podcast episodes, blog posts, and webinar recordings. Reach Mega Initiatives wants to get closer to patients and hand them the most updated education about technology in the health field.



Partnered with Ipsos, Reach has innovation workshops every year. This space is the most important scenario for Reach Faculty to discuss the challenges for the industry. Brainstorming solutions are also part of the conversation.


“Our emphasis for this program is to put a spotlight on these controversial factors and to provide practical approaches to producing positive change and desirable care outcomes,” said Fran Ayalasomayajula on their Key Opinion Leader Engagement Program 2018-19 Annual Report.


The Sponsorship of Leaders


Reach promotes thought leadership as their main banner. It is important to count on a myriad of stances from people in the industry. Their public health professional body, or as they like to call them Key Opinion Leaders, have ideas to bring to the table and help evolve the future of health. To know more about this program, click here.


The following episodes have conversations around technology applied to healthcare. From each of the KOL’s specialties, we cover different aspects of how we can use it to enhance our practice.


Episode 1: Optimizing Population Health with High Tech and High Touch with Dr. Setu Vora


Dr. Setu Vora is the inaugural Chief Medical Officer for the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. He is leading the Tribe in the adoption of a performance improvement mindset, digital transformation, and the use of data and design to help improve health plans and costs. In his episode, he highlights how MPTN’s goal is to use ancient wisdom with modern medicine and technology.


The desired outcome of using technology in his work is to know how patients want to engage with their care providers through a variety of digital health platforms including telehealth.

Episode 2: Scaling Innovation Meaningfully for Population Health with Dr. Chris Gibbon 


Dr. Chris Gibbons is the Chief Health Innovation Advisor to the U.S. Federal Communications Commissions Connect to Health Task Force. He’s also the founder and CEO of the Greystone Group Digital Health Innovation Company. Dr. Gibbons wants to explore the integration of technology for the development of smart communities for the deployment of better population health strategies.


Thinking out of the box, using lessons learned from a variety of industry sectors, and pushing forward traditional boundaries is what Dr. Gibbons does. Innovation comes in many ways such as companies like Amazon installing smart-enabled devices into the home that help deliver better patient care when it’s needed.


Episode 3: Improving Interoperability for More Effective Population Health with Dr. Nick Patel


Dr. Nick Patel’s involvement with healthcare began at a young age. He grew up to be one of the most avant-garde innovators in the industry. Dr. Patel serves as the Chief Digital Officer at Prisma Health and Vice-Chair for Innovation at the University of South Carolina Department of Medicine. He spearheaded the largest Microsoft Surface pilot in the nation which resulted in the improvement of physician workflow.


Dr. Patel’s interests in technology include an understanding of the change it brings to the mindsets of providers and technology’s ability to deliver a consumer-focused experience for patients.

Episode 4: AI and Machine Learning: Robotic Surgery – Is it the future of Population Health? with Dr. Jacques Kpodonu


Dr. Jacques Kpodonu is a cardiovascular surgeon specializing in global health system innovation with an emphasis on addressing rheumatic heart disease. His interests lie in biomedical discoveries, modernizing the operating theatre via novel design of advanced hybrid cardiac surgical rooms and growing the global capacity of cardiac surgeons, especially in emerging countries.


Dr. Kpodonu explains why it is critical to give serious thought to advanced technologies like robotics and AI in the implementation of population health strategies.

Episode 5: Enabling Application Interoperability to Scale Population Health with Dr. Seth Martin


As a preventative cardiologist and clinical lipidologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Seth Martin led the development of a more precise system for estimating LDL cholesterol research. He is also the co-founder of Corrie Health, an award-winning digital health platform for heart attack recovery.


The importance of technology for Dr. Martin relies on expanding the clinician’s reach and impact on the population through digital applications.

Episode 6: How Technology Enhances Patient and Clinician Safety with Dr. Naila Siddiqui Kamal


Dr. Naila Siddiqui Kamal is a fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

She’s been the head of challenging transformational management projects where often disruptive technologies are introduced. These novel approaches to the introduction of technology are performed in a manner in which providers and patients engage with digital solutions that make for technological resources rather than liabilities.


Using disruptive technologies in the delivery of care can help identify trends and new methods to process data more efficiently.


The common goal between Reach and its Faculty is the improvement of the provider-patient relationship. They all want to make a difference in health. Accessibility is also a common goal. This is why every resource Reach has is public.


Reach also has a podcast, Reach Radio. It’s designed to showcase the work of public health professionals from around the world. The Reach Radio Podcast connects public health professionals and finds common goals for improvement. Through interviews with industry key stakeholders, Fran is building bridges to close the gaps between common goals. Most recently Reach Radio has aired a series on the ‘Social Determinants of Health’. The first week-long series was on supporting women and girls; and future ones will be on the topics on children and the youth, homelessness, and rural health.


Find the Podcast on every streaming platform or on their website: https://reachtl.org/reach-radio


As if this isn’t enough Reach also has a new series of webcasts called Reach Live hosted by Reena Sangar, Head Digital Health at IPSOS and Senior Director for Reach’s Faculty Program. The program airs the last Friday of every month and is intended to be a 1:1 deep dive with subject matter experts on the topics of connected and digital health.


Find the episodes of Reach Live on the Reach Youtube Channel: bit.ly/reachtlyoutube


Turning Convictions Into Action


Reach is all things equity, quality, and access applying technology. Each of their services provides the best experience for both providers and patients. If you are interested in getting involved you can join as a sponsor or a volunteer.


Visit https://reachtl.org/ for more information.





Written By

Saul Marquez

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