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How No Code is Transforming Healthcare

Wednesday June 30th 2021

How No Code is Transforming Healthcare

How No Code is Transforming Healthcare


Most of our software is built using code – a highly complex language that very few people know how to use. Software engineers must master the coding language to create custom software solutions for businesses. 


In the healthcare industry, most enterprises use code to build their software. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations rely on computers and programs to coordinate treatment plans, store patient data, research new diseases and treatments, convert algorithms into usable data, and so much more. 


Depending on the custom software and how it will be used, creating software takes about 4-9 months, sometimes even more. Programmers spend hundreds of hours writing codes, which still need to be tested and improved. From the planning to the testing, the entire process of programming can be long and expensive, and even then, many business owners are not fully satisfied with the product output. 


With the digital era sweeping all industries and businesses, increasing the demand for applications on both web and mobile platforms, many companies seek faster and more efficient ways of creating platform enterprises. 


Thankfully, it is now possible to create and scale efficient enterprise solutions, thanks to Unqork. 


Building Custom Enterprise Solutions Faster


Unqork is a new way to build enterprise software without learning a single line of code. It is completely visual drag and drop, allowing anyone to create a platform they want without worrying about coding. 


Founded in 2016 by Gary Hoberman who also acts as the company’s CEO, Unqork is revolutionizing the way enterprise solutions are created through its codeless platform. It empowers businesses to build custom enterprise-grade software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs compared to traditional approaches. 


Instead of using lines of code, Unqork uses no-code, a technology that allows users to create software through a visual user interface (UI). Through no-code, organizations can create different software faster and more efficiently than ever before. Unqork’s cloud-based platform offers customers a library of pre-built components. With the drag-and-drop function, you can create entire applications with ease. 


In business, time is money, and quick creation of a program or software means a faster testing period to see if one’s ideas work. 


Thanks to Unqork’s visual interface, anyone can create a program. You don’t have to be a programmer or an IT professional. Regardless of your technical ability,  you can create a website, a web app, or a computer software application by simply moving and sliding forms and tools.


In my interview with Kara Dennis, Head of Healthcare at Unqork, she mentioned that it takes about three weeks to be fully proficient in building an application within Unqork. That’s a huge difference from the approximately 6-9 months needed in the traditional code-based approach. 


Despite its short existence, Unqork has already established its presence with global industry leaders like Goldman Sachs, Marsh, Liberty Mutual, Maimonides Medical Center, Chicago, New York, and the District of Columbia as its customers. 


The Benefits of No Code in Healthcare


Unqork’s no code platform offers a variety of benefits to healthcare organizations.


One, it allows hospitals and health organizations to build custom applications specific to their needs.  


“So it’s a way for our clients to build applications that are highly tailored, whether it’s to their specific clinical trial. In my time building clinical trial software, a rheumatoid arthritis trial is very different than an ulcerative colitis trial. And there have to be changes to processes and workflows.  If it’s too hard to make software that’s sufficiently tailored, companies default to using spreadsheets and word files, and the experience still feels very manual and slow. What we enabled is the ability to digitize and automate those kinds of formerly manual workflows without spending an enormous amount of effort going through a 12 to 18 months application development process,” explained Kara. 


Second, no code delivers technology solutions faster without sacrificing quality. 


The traditional code-based approach takes months to finish, which means a higher cost whether you are hiring a third-party developer or using in-house developers. Hand coding, or writing every line of code is time-consuming. Unqork’s no-code visual feature allows for simple drag and drop, significantly reducing development time while delivering apps faster. 


Third, high-quality platform for reduced cost 


Unqork drastically reduces the development time, cutting the cost of ownership. The simple process of application development means organizations don’t have to pay for third-party resources or vendors. For companies with in-house developers, the no-code platform makes their jobs easier. For business owners who don’t know how to code,  leveraging on no-code platforms means they can create, manage, and enhance the functionalities of their software. According to Unqork’s website, no code lowers the cost of developing and managing enterprise solutions by 300%! That’s huge savings. 


Fourth, faster response to change


Health organizations and companies are constantly changing and improving making it a challenge for software developers to change coding. In clinical trials, changes and tailoring are also frequent to improve customer experience. With Unqork, changes in applications are easier, ensuring fast time-to-market response. You can create the needed changes right away, keeping your enterprise platform updated. 

Improving Healthcare Businesses and Organizations


Unqork’s reach in healthcare extends beyond creating applications. 


Kara mentioned that they also bring best practices and thoughts on optimal workflows.


“Something that Unqork has done from the beginning is really leading with industry subject matter experts as we commercialize and new market space. The other thing that we do with this team of SMEs is build out libraries of what we call modules or snippets, which are the building blocks of applications. And these can be things like insurance card data ingestion, patient demographics intake form, prebuilt integration to a solution like human API for patient medical records, access, geolocation, chat, we include those in almost every application that we build, and that forms an ecosystem that we snap together to further accelerate our build of these applications, “ Kara further explained. 


Unqork brings the technical capability plus intel and insights to help optimize health organizations in things they may or may not be doing well.


With Unqork’s revolutionary no-code platform, healthcare organizations can deliver improved care outcomes across different teams and services. 


To listen to my full interview with Kara, please visit https://outcomesrocket.health/unqork/2021/04/.


Written By

Saul Marquez

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