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Saul Marquez, Host at Outcomes Rocket Podcast

New Developments in the Sleep Space

Friday May 1st 2020

New Developments in the Sleep Space


How’s Your Sleep? 


One of the things many people look forward to at the end of the day is sleep. Sleep is the one activity where you can tune out the noise, relax on a comfortable bed, and recharge your body. Sleeping plays a vital role in our health and well-being. 


Sleep is one of the highly studied health components in the medical space. Through numerous researches, we’ve learned that poor sleep can lead to weight gain, that people who don’t sleep well are more at risk of heart disease and stroke, that a good night’s sleep can improve concentration and productivity, that sleep is essential in strengthening your immune function, and more.


It is also through those researches and studies that we’ve learned about sleep disorders. There are over 90 different diagnosable sleep disorders, and 1 billion Americans suffer from one form or another. Insomnia and sleep apnea are just two of the most common disorders that people face.


With so many sleeping disorders requiring effective solutions, what developments can we expect from health care space?


Today, I’ll be sharing with you two amazing advancements we have in the sleep space. 


New Technologies to Elevate the Quality of Your Sleep




Beddr is a company that developed a clinically validated, consumer-friendly, digital-based device that can access your sleep to check your breathing and sleep position. 


In our interview with Michael Kisch, Founder and CEO of Beddr Sleep, he said ” ..the highest level of our mission is to help people understand and solve their sleep problems. What we’ve bought to the market is a product called sleep tuner which the small wearable sensor about the size of a stamp the weight of a nickel. You wear it for multiple nights while you sleep.”


What are the advantages of wearing a Beddrsleep Sleep Tuner?


According to Michael, it can tell about your oxygen blood level. It can tell if you’ve stopped breathing, your sleep position, your heart rate, and more. This is the first product that gives people accurate, affordable, and accessible products that help people understand their sleep to a greater degree than they’ve ever been able in the past on their own.


To be a part of the solution, through Beddrsleep Sleep Tuner, clients will be directed to the appropriate treatment that’s most likely to be able to help them to get a formal diagnosis if they have a sleeping disorder. 


How can this device improve the lives of those with sleep apnea? Michale said they have already seen a huge impact. The Beddrsleep Sleep Tuner gives people access to accurate information that helps them understand what the risk factors as related to the cause of their sleep issues. For a much cheaper price compare to the traditional sleep medicine system which can be expensive, people can get a diagnosis for their sleep apnea faster. 


I think Beddrsleep is an incredible digital technology that helps everyone in the health space by acting as a bridge between consumers, healthcare professionals, and experts. I’m excited to hear more revolutionary developments from the Beddr company.

SleepScore Labs


Quality sleep is vital to health. It affects your behavior, emotion, daily activities, and productivity. It also has a huge impact on your long-term health. Would you like to know how well you are sleeping each night? How about taking your sleep to the next level? That’s what SleepScore Labs is trying to do. 


According to Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs, “SleepScore Labs at its heart is about helping the consumer to understand their own sleep, and that requires measurements.”


He proceeded with an analogy of how the food was labeled in the past which led to us knowing exactly the calorie content, the fat content, the salt content, and more. All these information-enabled services like Weight Watchers and others to map a fitness to manage a problem.


The same is true with exercise. 


But when it comes to sleep, it can be hard to track how often you woke up in the middle of the night simply because you were actually unconscious during the process.


SleepScore Labs helps measure what happens in your sleep using a number of technologies. The first one they brought to the market was Sleepsore Max,  a non-contact sensing technology that basically sits just beside the bed. Using high-frequency radio waves with low power to measure movement, this device can help understand the quality of sleep you are achieving throughout the night.


It doesn’t stop there. Additionally, this device measures all the interventions you may be using like mattresses, pillows, pills, and more. Through this advancement, you can understand your sleep as well as what works and what doesn’t work for you. You can find out if you snore or your grind. You can find out how often you wake up in the middle of the night. 


But it doesn’t stop there. The SleepScore App, for instance, delivers science-backed advice for sleep improvement using your smartphone. SleepScore Max provides advice as well as sleep products that could help you get better sleep. 


How cool is that?


Now you can simply download the app on your phone and you can get more info and advice about your sleep. 


SleepScore Labs has made digital sleep measurement accessible, and more importantly, it also delivers science-backed advice to elevate the quality of your sleep. 


Advanced Technologies, Advanced Treatments


Beddr and SleepScore Labs are just two of the many healthcare manufacturers that utilize technology to bring at-home solutions to sleep disorders.


Sleep disorders can be dangerous if left untreated, but with advanced technologies, we can hope for better and more effective treatments in the near future. 


Listen to my conversation with Michael here: https://outcomesrocket.health/beddr/2018/10/

Listen to my interview with Colin here: https://outcomesrocket.health/sleepscore/2018/07/



Written By

Saul Marquez

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