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How to Elevate Your Company to Be One that Doctors and Patients Actually Care About

Monday May 18th 2020

How to Elevate Your Company to Be One that Doctors and Patients Actually Care About

integrated marketing for healthcare outcomes

When you want to build trust, increase engagement, and form long-term relationships with your customers, you need the help of an excellent marketing team. 


The marketing team is responsible to help build a relationship between you and your customers, engage them, and keep the conversation going. In addition, the marketing team is also responsible for identifying your customers and their needs, building, and maintaining your company’s reputation, and creating campaigns that respond to your consumer preference. There is no doubt that the marketing team plays a vital role in creating a relationship with your customers and other businesses. 


In healthcare, marketing does so much more than inform your customers about your products and services and increase your online visibility. There are some subtle differences in healthcare that marketing needs to approach differently. 


For instance, many healthcare business owners prefer to think of their establishment as a calling or profession rather than a business. Most people who work in healthcare were drawn to the field because of their desire to help people, which leaves little time for them to study business. I have seen business owners struggle through the difficult process of trial-and-error to compensate for their lack of business training.


Another subtle difference is that most healthcare practitioners care also for their reputation among their colleagues, who are also their competitors. Referrals to another healthcare facility are common in healthcare, which is a far cry from other businesses like retail.


Marketing in healthcare is also different. Your marketing team should not do anything that misleads or misinform the public about the product, nor do anything to directly disparage a professional colleague or competitor. 


Because of the importance of marketing, each healthcare business needs a solid marketing team. If you don’t have a marketing team, you may want to get it outsourced to a reliable and highly effective marketing team like the Antenna group


Offering the Marketing Services Your Healthcare Business Needs


Antenna is an integrated marketing agency that has proven itself in accelerating business growth and improving sales performance. It has four branches including health which is headed by the highly capable Sharon Golubchik. 


With an impressive background of marketing for established brands, Sharon creates integrated marketing programs that drive business objectives. 


In our conversation in the Outcomes Rocket podcast, she mentioned that she is inspired to work in healthcare because what she does ultimately helps people. She said that she loves to build strategies, counsel clients, and pitch media draft content for companies that are literally changing and saving people’s lives. 


Adding Value Through Reliable Content


Sharon pointed out that we live in a content-driven world. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the advances in communication, people can easily access all sorts of information with just a touch of a button. 


“You know, now more than ever before, people really rely upon and consume a ton of content. Before the pandemic, but especially now during the pandemic with people screen time skyrocketing. And while there’s a lot of good content out there, there’s also a ton of misinformation and scary and inaccurate information.”


“Well, we do an Antenna as a partner with really innovative and just unbelievable companies to disseminate solid, helpful, accurate content. On behalf of our clients, we’re talking about really important issues like mental health, effective cancer treatments, pain management, therapies for neurological disorders like the telehealth revolution, especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic and other related issues. “


“And no matter what issues we’re addressing, we work with our clients to deliver reliable information so that patients know how to find the treatments that are right for them. Doctors can better communicate with their patients, insurance companies, with their members, and so on. The value that we bring to the ecosystem is really doing our part and ensuring that people have content that they can rely on.”


In this Covid-19 era, it is incredibly important to have the right and reliable information. Having the right information is the key to making the right decisions health-wise. It maximizes the benefits patients can get from their treatment. 


But in the sea of information found online, it can be hard for consumers to know which source to trust. With a solid marketing team to assist you in creating a great relationship with your consumers, you can establish yourself as a reliable source of high-quality information. Patients, doctors, and health organizations will turn to you for guidance and information. 


Going the Extra Mile


Sharon believes it is more than just what they can help your business achieve. It is also about their core value as a team. 


She explained that what makes them different is their determination and passion. Yes, there’s a tremendous strategy, creativity, and a lot of hard work that goes into creating excellent digital campaigns. 


“But what brings our work to the next level is our determination. The notion that we will figure out the path to success no matter what it takes. And it may not be the path we initially envisioned. It may take more digging than we had expected, but we won’t give up until we figure it out. And the other important piece is our passion. We genuinely care about our clients’ missions. I chose health care because of my passion for it. And that’s the same for every member of my team.”


Whether it’s a social media campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month or an article on telehealth during the Covid-19 pandemic, or a video about medical device companies pivoting now to manufacture ventilators, Sharon assured me all these things matter to her team.


“I really believe that it’s our determination and our passion that enables our clients to rely on us for long term relationships. Ultimately, our goal is always for our clients to view us as extensions of their marketing teams, as counselors and strategists. And I think that not only makes our job very fulfilling, but it also enables us to deliver better results” she added. 


Passion, determination, the right perspective, knowing your priorities, Sharon zeroed in on factors we as business leaders should strive for. When your marketing team can translate all these factors into content, you can create a company that people can rely on for years to come. 


To listen to my full conversation with Sharon, click here:


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Saul Marquez

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