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Consumer Health Engagement: It’s Personal

Tuesday June 30th 2020

Consumer Health Engagement: It’s Personal

Consumer Health Engagement  

Not too long ago, I read a marketing blog where the contributor said that the marketing industry is moving from an impression-centric paradigm to a user-centric model to provide customers with a richer, personal experience at every touchpoint. That got me thinking about healthcare marketing. 


Healthcare marketing is an essential part of the business side of healthcare. Whether you own a small clinic or a large hospital, you need clients to keep your business. 


Clients come through marketing. The weight of attracting new clients and retaining them fall on the marketing team. This team has a huge responsibility to personalize each message so that clients can be emotionally engaged. 


As the healthcare landscape changes, so do the patient’s consumer journey. Consumers are now more discerning than ever. Your marketing team should be stepping up their game to meet the consumer’s demand. 


Sometimes, a new experience can be what is needed to stir up the creative juices of your marketing team. When you need to step up your game, a consulting firm like Engagys is your best resource to produce top quality and tailored marketing that will drive customer engagement.


Transforming the Customer’s Experience 

Engagys is not just any ordinary consulting firm. It is a healthcare consumer engagement consultancy composed of a team of professionals who thoroughly understands consumer behavior. This company has been working in the healthcare consumer engagement domain for over two decades. 


I had the opportunity to interview Kathleen Ellmore, the managing director at Engagys. for the Outcomes Rocket podcast, and she shared with me how Engagys is helping the healthcare ecosystem.


All of us worked really early on in this world of consumer healthcare engagement. And so, we have a head start on everyone else. Our expertise is really an advantage that we have over anyone else.”


So, what we hear from our clients, which we think is the best testimonial of all is two things. One is there is nobody that brings the healthcare consumer engagement expertise to the table as we do. Most of us were formerly from a company that you mentioned where day in and day out we drove over a billion and a half interactions with consumers using AB testing. Finding out not just what works, but what worked for what specific populations to drive, what specific behaviors.”


But the second that we get into the weeds because we do this and that day in, day out on the frontlines of consumers. We can roll up our sleeves and close that last mile with consumers. So, we don’t just say, you know, you need to build a preference engine, and here’s how you do it. We can write the copy that basically gets more members to digitally adopt than anyone else. We can close that gap on the screenings better than anyone because we know all those levers to say. We know what to say to Hispanic male over 50, to get him to undergo a colonoscopy versus what you say to a Medicare senior female to get her to get it and how that changes for Medicaid versus commercial.”


Marketing strategies that drive customer behavior (like getting you to eat when you’re not hungry or buying things you don’t need) when applied to healthcare, can drive behavior for good and really get consumers engaged in their health.  That means getting patients to see primary care providers on time, making healthier dietary choices, taking medications on time, and more. The possibilities are endless!


According to Kathleen, Engagys take the best of the economics, those little nudges that get consumers to act and utilize them in campaigns and programs designed around engagement strategy. Imagine being able to influence your customers to take better care of their health and do it in insightful ways. That is what makes a company like Engagys so valuable, not just in the healthcare retail business but also among providers and employees. 


Give Your Business A New Edge


Healthcare businesses are competitive. You need to step up and manage your business to meet consumers at every point of their journey. How you do it can make or break your business. 


With Engagys, you can reinvent yourself and the consumer-driven business clients are looking for.


To find out more about Engagys, listen to my full conversation with Kathleen here:


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Saul Marquez

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