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A Doctor’s View on Clinical Informatics

Dr. Nakyda Dean OB/GYN and Aspiring Clinical Informaticist

A Doctor’s View on Clinical Informatics

Here’s a provider that understands the importance of informatics!


In this episode, we are ecstatic to be joined by Dr. Nakyda Dean, an obstetrician & gynecologist, and aspiring clinical informaticist. Dr. Dean talks about her passion to provide care to underserved populations and how that unknowingly lead her to clinical informatics as a way to proactively tackle alarming health disparities like black women’s maternal morbidity and mortality with technology. She discusses the importance of informaticists for clinical providers and the challenges that she has faced in the field of informatics like participation, complete data analysis, and proper compensation.


Tune in to listen to Dr. Nakyda Dean talk about what excites her about clinical informatics!

A Doctor’s View on Clinical Informatics

About Nakyda Dean

Nakyda Dean is an obstetrician and gynecologist who is passionate about providing care to underserved populations in under-resourced communities. Her training and experiences have taken her from the poor urban communities of Chicago to the outlands of the Neno district in Malawi to currently the rural lands of the largest Native American reservation, the Navajo Nation. She is a provider with a purpose, to transform women’s health and contribute to the movement for health equity for every community. 


As an aspiring clinical informaticist, she enjoys bridging information technology and innovation to enhance individual and population health outcomes, improve patient care, and strengthen the provider-patient relationship. 

Sitting at the intersection of health and technology, she helps EHR companies create tech innovations that improve end-user workflow and increase usability, increase satisfaction and efficiency decreasing physician burnout.

As an underrepresented minority in medicine, she enjoys mentoring the next generation of health care leaders. 




Things You’ll Learn:

  • Oftentimes solutions in high-income countries are not applicable to everyone, creating a digital divide that ends up worsening health disparities.
  • As healthcare uses more technology, you need more informaticists to better take care of patients.
  • All clinical providers should have some basic informatics skills.
  • Clinical informatics is a discipline that encompasses various fields like women’s health, global health, public health, and technology, all in one package.



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