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A Path to Connect Nursing and Technology

Christopher Grutta, Registered Nurse at Mass General Brigham

A Path to Connect Nursing and Technology

Nursing informatics is becoming a Need-to-Have asset in healthcare.

In this episode of the Future of Global Informatics, TJ Southern interviews Chris Grutta, a healthcare professional and registered nurse with over ten years of experience. As happened to many, Chris stumbled into nursing informatics as a second career, and after about a decade in it, he’s identified several paths for opportunities in the profession. In regards to that, he discusses technology integration and data analytics as branches that have exciting potential for the future of healthcare. To legitimize nursing informatics, mentoring those entering the field and letting them know people are being vocal about their love for this profession is critical, as TJ and Chris discuss. There are many types of nursing and recognizing them and their capabilities within the system could be game-changing for the industry.

Tune in to learn about the many opportunities nursing informatics can bring!

A Path to Connect Nursing and Technology

About Chris Grutta:

Chris Grutta is a healthcare professional and registered nurse with a diverse background in both clinical works as well as experience in the collection, visualization, and analysis of clinical data to inform strategy and improve healthcare outcomes. He is currently working within an infusion room at Mass General Brigham and previously worked for nearly seven years for Lahey Health where his roles included operational and clinical support as well as data tracking and visualization. In addition to his experience, he earned his MS in Nursing with an Education concentration and a BS in Communications from Salem State.


Things You’ll Learn:

  • If you’re looking to get into healthcare or are looking for a job in healthcare, Boston is a great city where the industry is booming.
  • There is a need for people with that clinical knowledge that understand the workflows to help design and implement developing healthcare technologies.
  • Mentoring models are crucial, yet majorly informal, but there should be more thought put into formalizing them to boost professionals.
  • It’s been proven that the more face-to-face time a clinician has with the patient, the better outcome they will have.
  • It’s important to recognize just how diverse the roles in nursing are.


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