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001 – Introduction to the show with Saul Marquez

Welcome to Outcomes Rocket Podcast

001 – Introduction to the show with Saul Marquez

Welcome to the show!  The Outcomes Rocket show is designed for healthcare leaders, influencers and anyone interested in improving the healthcare system.  I look forward to breaking down the barriers and silos with you, to increase quality, access and patient outcomes through collaboration.


Outcomes Rocket Introduction

What to expect from the show  Oustanding interviews that will inspire you.  The interviews will be conducted with today’s most inspiring and successful healthcare leaders.


Why you should listen.  You’ll get expert advice, ideas, and inspiration via a 30-minute show once a week.  You can listen at your convenience and find new people to collaborate with on your ventures.  You are the average of your five closest peers.  Up your average by tuning in!


My background.  10 years in medical device sales with companies like Medtronic, Stryker and NuVasive.  I’ve held leadership positions in the U.S. and internationally and have found the opportunity to contribute to the medical leadership community through the weekly conversations on the Outcomes Rocket.


The mission of our show.  Collaborate, Inspire and help remove obstacles and waste to achieve better patient outcomes and business results in healthcare.

For more info, visit us at outcomesrocket.com/faq


Interested in interviewing?  Reach out at scheduling@outcomesrocket.com

Thanks for tuning in!  I look forward to seeing you again soon and maybe even collaborating in an interview or project together.  All aboard the Outcomes Rocket!