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Introducing Insights Out

Natanya Wachtel, Founder of the New Solutions Network

Introducing Insights Out

Customer centricity has a huge business value, so it’s time for you to discover it!


In this episode, Natanya Wachtel, founder of the New Solutions Network and evrmore.io, talks about the new show on the Outcomes Rocket Network: Insights Out. Natanya starts off by telling Saul about herself and her work at the New Solutions Network designing customer-centric solutions with technology and behavioral science for different healthcare companies. She explains then what the podcast will consist of, having conversations with the heads of leading organizations to understand how they are making their customer relationships work best and ways to improve operational efficiency. Episodes will be released once per month as starters and will last between 15 and 20 minutes. She encourages listeners to check it out if they’re looking to increase their business performance with a mix of customer science and experience from herself and her guests.


Tune in to this episode to learn about Insights Out, the latest podcast to join the Outcomes Rocket Network!

Introducing Insights Out

About Natanya Wachtel:

Natanya Wachtel has over 20 years of expertise in customer-centric marketing with extensive knowledge in Digital Marketing, Customer-Behavior Modeling, Campaign and Enterprise Solution Ideation, Branding, Insight Mining and Research, and CRM for life sciences, MedTech, and CPG verticles. She has the proven ability to develop customer science-driven, innovative, technology-empowered, fiscally responsible solutions for real-world problems. As a former therapist, journalist, and magazine editor, her experience helps ensure clients are creating engaging stories for their customers. A champion of inclusion, she also spends time as a board member for Women Who Create-org, a mentor and scholarship program for women of color, and is the co-founder of an AI-powered wellness platform for GenZ called evrmore.

New Solutions Network is an on-demand consulting services company with specialized expertise in customer science, behavioral health, digital therapeutics, transformation, and marketing strategy. They use a scalable service model that is flexible to each client’s needs. They offer the ability to tap into a uniquely qualified network of expert talent for short and long-term relationships and assignments.


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Saul Marquez:
Hey everybody! Saul Marquez with the Outcomes Rocket. Welcome back to the podcast! Now you guys all know we have launched the Outcomes Rocket Network. We have been bringing on new hosts that cover different topics in healthcare and today I’m so excited to launch one more. And by the way, one thing that I want everybody to note is that we are going to stop at 20, and so there will be 20 verticals covered here on the podcast and it is only the best that come and are hosts on the Outcomes Rocket. So today I’m so excited to introduce one of our new hosts. Her name is Dr. Natanya Wachtel. She has over 20 years of experience in customer-centric marketing and extensive knowledge in healthcare. Her Ph.D. is in behavioral sciences and psychology, and I’m so excited to have her on to present her new podcast, which is called Insights Out. But rather than it being me telling you all about it, I want to start off by welcoming Natanya to the podcast. Thank you for being with us, Natanya.

Natanya Wachtel:
Well, thank you so much for having me.

Saul Marquez:
It’s a pleasure. So, you know, why don’t you, why don’t we start this off by kind of telling us a little bit about you? I gave them a little bit, but tell us more about what you want the listeners to know about you, Natanya.

Natanya Wachtel:
Okay, you got it. So I am the founder of the New Solutions Network, which actually began as, similar name, New Solutions Factory in 2008. And as you said, I’ve spent over 20 years in life sciences, in Medtech, and customer behavior strategy and engagement marketing, both as an in-house pharma employee and biotech and a trusted direct consulting partner. The New Solutions Network is made up of group of strategic consulting practices, basically, that help life science companies, Medtech, startups, design more strategic and customer-centric solutions, and we leverage the intersection of technology and behavioral science. I also serve to aid patient advocacy, education, and health benefits for those with chronic diseases within marginalized communities via dedicated volunteer efforts, including being one of the founding members of, board members of Women Who Create, a mentorship and scholarship program for women of color, that partners with biopharmaceutical companies and their agencies that increase access to college education and advancement in their careers. I began my focus in digital mental wellness in health management and mental health work through my private family practice in the early 2000s. And also recently, I’m the co-founder of evrmore.io, which is an empathy AI-powered platform that serves as an interactive game-theory-powered mental wellness guide for Gen-Z. It’s been featured on Netflix’s The Social Dilemma and will also be in the series follow-up The Changemakers, been named best responsible tech from the Anthem Awards, and we were part of the Melinda Gates Head’s Dream Accelerator program as well as a couple of other awards, so pretty excited about that. And the goal is ultimately to get that in the hands of all people who need it without cost being a barrier.

Saul Marquez:
Love it, well, you know, the thing that I really love about your work, Natanya, and the things that you do is that you have access to care as the center of everything that you do, and being that your scientist and a care provider, it’s such a great mix with the entrepreneurial efforts that you have going on. So, first of all, I want to say thank you for choosing the network as a place for you to tell your story and for the people that you’ll be bringing on. So let’s talk about it, what should people expect? Tell us about the guests that they’ll be hearing from and key things that you’ll be covering.

Natanya Wachtel:
Sure, sure, well, basically, as I’m sure you well know, and your listeners know, the pressure is rising for business leaders to shift from like product-centric approaches in their marketing to a customer-centric lens that’s tied to community-focused operating models while continuing to deliver on like, near-term business goals. So the lack of understanding on how to leverage true customer insights, unfocused segmentation, personalization strategies, and the inability to rapidly act and measure and optimize can make this seem kind of impossible in today’s new market. I feel like this post-pandemic world has kind of thrown the rules up in the air, right? So the typical playbook for brands is that they stick with the status quo. They might write on the wall, you know, we want to be customer-centric, or they might write it on a presentation, but they, seemingly today what I’ve seen under the covers, under the hood, is they’re mostly still sticking with the status quo. And so the experiences for customers are still often not very personalized. The value proposition is maybe lopsided towards the brand benefit and the customer needs are unmet. So the relationship is less than ideal and then of course the revenue potential is unrealized. So we’re going to focus on how brands can connect with their audiences more viscerally and more authentically, and so that they can be more successful. With the Insights Out Podcast, you’ll get access to deep and detailed conversations with the heads of leading organizations to understand how they are making their customer relationships work best and how we can all become more aligned to deliver strong value exchanges and better realize the benefits. The guests are going to be mostly C-suite and senior leadership from global brands in life sciences and Medtech.

Saul Marquez:
Well, Natanya, this is so exciting. And I will tell you that many, many folks, as you’re listening to this and I’m thinking about this, too, as you’re, as you’re sharing what the show is going to be about, Natanya, is how are we actually sharing the benefits of what we can do for customers? Are we doing it in such a way that puts them at the center of the conversation? Recently, I listened to a podcast, it’s a business podcast I like to listen to, the host was sharing, hey, look, all of us are after goals, and those goals are oftentimes the effect of something. And if you stay super hyper-focused on the effect, whether it’s revenue or business results, you’re not necessarily going to get there as easily as if you focus on the cause, the things that cause those effects. And what you’re saying, Natanya, here, is that we need to be focused more on the cause, the customer, and what they’re going through, right?

Natanya Wachtel:
Yeah, yeah, so customer centricity has a huge business value, and it’s not just a phrase, it’s actually a transactional and revenue value. So when you can step outside your business and look through your customers’ eyes, you can actually see sometimes how to resolve many of those challenges that keep you up at night, in fact, and every sector in business can be different. There are common benefits of customer centricity that apply to almost every organization, so we’re going to focus on those. Some of them are understanding before, during, and after the customer journey, right? So how they move in and out of the relationship with you and the products or services that they buy in their regular workflow, you know, there’s a before, during, and after to all of these relationships, and our human needs at each of these stages, specifically at the point of change from one to the other, are actually critical to the success of the relationship and the specific transactions that create the biggest value, right? And so we also focus on the customer benefit on the sales side, businesses that support and anticipate the needs of their customers when they’re considering their options will always improve your ultimate sales or annual revenue. And we support new customers and reduce those costs to serve. So not only is it about growth, it’s also about optimization, right? So businesses that ensure their customers have a successful setup to that engagement and understand that new purchase or relationship and contract, that will ultimately reduce some of those costs to serve them in the long term and increase satisfaction. So we also will focus on some of those, and we’ll look at other ways to improve operational efficiency. Again, it’s sort of, you know, we often have this in our real life when we interact with maybe a retail brand, and you interact with them online in one way and in the actual brick and mortar, another way, and then, you know, there seems to be no thread that links you as the same customer to that organization, but to you, it’s the same brand, right? So businesses that work with customers to ensure that this value in a relationship is co-created and received during the use of that product or service, it’s going to improve your overall relationship and your operational efficiency, and the insights that you can glean across from those, that customer journey. So helping the customers perform part of this, their services or live their lives or whatever the thing is, but have them do that better is through that good service design. And the payoff is ultimately that smoother operation and stronger brand loyalty.

Saul Marquez:
I love that. Yeah, and whether we’re businesses, whether you’re a care provider that, you know, your customer is patients, I think all of these practices and principles are going to apply. So it’s super exciting to have you covering this Natanya. Talk to us about how often the podcast will be broadcasted, how long each episode is going to be, and why you’re doing this.

Natanya Wachtel:
Sure, as of now, we are going to at least have one a month, perhaps more, more later in the year. And the episodes are really meant to be bite-sized, right? So 15 to 20 minutes at max, but obviously we’ll have some other content for follow-up if people are interested and need more information.

Saul Marquez:
Love it. So why should folks listen?

Natanya Wachtel:
Why? That’s, that’s the only question I didn’t prepare for, really. And I really, if you have a curious mind, if you’re looking to increase your overall business performance, whether that be in the acquisition or retention phase, I think it’s really a nice mix of taking, you know, my background in sort of the academic science of customer science and the in-practice experience I have in launching brands and optimizing brand-spend and revenue goals, along with true leaders who can say it way better than I can with real-world examples. And I’m very fortunate to have built a network that has some heavy hitters that are going to be willing to open the kimono a little bit and share some of the secret sauce, and I think that’s something pretty special.

Saul Marquez:
I love that, Natanya. Well, I will be listening because I’m always looking for that one thing that can make a difference for my business, my family, my customers, and so it’s always about being open to that. And once a month, I’m always going to be tuning in to your show, so thank you for doing this. I appreciate you, I appreciate the opportunity that you’re giving all of our listeners to learn from some of the best in the industry. So folks here on forward, you’ll be hearing from Natanya as the host of Outcomes Rocket Insights Out. So thankful for you Natanya, looking forward to this.

Natanya Wachtel:
Thank you, likewise, Saul.

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Things You’ll Learn:

  • The New Solutions Network consists of a group of strategic consulting practices that help life science and Medtech companies and startups design more strategic and customer-centric solutions, leveraging the intersection of technology and behavioral science.
  • Natanya created an empathy AI-powered platform called evrmore that serves as an interactive game-theory-powered mental wellness guide for Gen-Z.
  • Experiences for customers are still often not very personalized.
  • With the Insights Out Podcast, you’ll get access to conversations with the heads of leading organizations to understand how they are making their customer relationships work best.
  • Businesses that support and anticipate the needs of their customers when they’re considering their options will always improve your ultimate sales or annual revenue.
  • Episodes will be released at least once a month and will be between 15 to 20 minutes long.


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