Frequently Asked Questions

We’re excited to have you as a guest on our 30 minute, once a week show dedicated to healthcare leaders sharing lessons and best practices to improve healthcare outcomes and business success!


  • Q.Why are you recording this podcast?

    A.We believe that healthcare leaders deserve more support, inspiration and efficiency. The Outcomes Rocket was started as a way to break down the silos and duplicitous efforts aimed at the same goals; improving patient outcomes and business success.

  • Q.What is the focus of the podcast?

    A.The focus of the show is on understanding lessons learned and best practice sharing with the common goal of improving patient outcomes. Please find the questions we ask our guests here.

  • Q.How is the podcast broadcasted?

    A.The interview takes place via Zoom video and airs as an audio only podcast. We use various on demand podcast-streaming services to air the show including: iTunes Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts, Libsyn and SoundCloud.

  • Q.Who listens to the podcast?

    A.The Outcomes Rocket is a peer network of medical industry leaders and influencers. Our listeners and guests come from various backgrounds in the industry that include; hospital administrative executives (CEO,CIO,CFO, CTO), provider executives (CMO, CNO) and healthcare industry executives and entrepreneurs (CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, SVPs).

  • Q.Who have you interviewed thus far?

    A.We have recording over 50 interviews thus far and counting.  We release one interview per week so you can get the most out of each interview by thinking and applying the learnings our guests share in your practice or business!  Tune in below to listen!

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  • Q.I'd like to be on the show, how do I schedule my interview?

    A.Please reach out to with your name and information and we’ll set up an introductory process to ensure you would be a good fit for our listeners.  Looking forward to connecting with you!