Interprofessional Healthcare Collaboration is a Must

Danielle Siarri, Nurse Informatics Specialist

Interprofessional Healthcare Collaboration is a Must

With so many different sides, nursing informatics has a global span.


In this episode of the Future of Global Informatics, Danielle Siarri, a nurse informatics specialist, talks about the broad nursing informatics playfield and opportunities. She expresses the importance of digital health literacy, social media, and networking in the global span of the nursing informatics space. Danielle also emphasizes having the initiative to constantly keep up with the healthcare space developments, being open to taking new opportunities, leveling up your education, and having conversations with different people to learn and stand out as a professional, as she did by writing blogs on LinkedIn. Finally, she provides some details about a book she worked on with other nursing informatics professionals.


Tune in to listen to the tips and knowledge that Danielle Siarri has to share!

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Interprofessional Healthcare Collaboration is a Must