Welcome to “Rethinking Compliance: Find Efficiency at the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology,” a podcast series that bridges the worlds of healthcare and technology to revolutionize how organizations approach compliance.

This series presents cutting-edge insights and transformative strategies to help healthcare professionals navigate the complexities of today’s landscape. Through dynamic conversations with MedTrainer‘s leading experts, each episode examines crucial topics like policy impact, credentialing, and operational efficiency. Gain an edge by exploring emerging trends in healthcare technology, actionable steps to enhance the revenue cycle, and innovative ways to cultivate a culture of compliance.

Stay ahead of industry shifts with their forward-thinking approaches and powerful solution, challenging traditional methods and charting a new path at the intersection of healthcare and technology!

Episode 1 - Understanding the Intersection of Technology and Compliance

With Steve Gallion, Chief Executive Officer at MedTrainer

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Episode 2 - The Impact of Health Policy on Your Compliance Strategy

With Hira Rashid, Senior Program Manager at MedTrainer

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Episode 3 - Protecting the Revenue Cycle With Credentialing

With Brent Althoff, Director of Credentialing Operations at MedTrainer

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Episode 4 - Technology in Healthcare: Stop Trying To Do it All Right Now

With Kevin Stineman, Chief Operating Officer at MedTrainer

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Episode 5 - Compliance Isn't Just the Policy

With Brian Williams, Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at MedTrainer

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This podcast series was brought to you by a collaboration between Medtrainer and Outcomes Rocket.

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