Your Healthcare Cheat Sheet

Control your healthcare.  Grow your business.





I’m glad you decided to take a proactive approach to your employee health benefits as well as the health of your company.  We’re not alone in the reality of our environment where costs continue to increase while the value for our health care dollar spent is marginal.  The resources you’ll find here will help you maximize the dollars you spend on healthcare.  The “cheat sheet” is a working list, so come back and check often.  I’ll be updating the resources on here bi-weekly.

Along with these companies, here are a few insightful books that I believe will challenge how you think about your role in managing healthcare for yourself, at your company, and for your employees.

The Company that Solved Healthcare 

America’s Bitter Pill

Get reimbursed for out of network care

Reimbursify helps employers maximize benefits through their out of network reimbursement submission mobile app. Each claim only costs $1. Physicians can also benefit from this by taking even more patients that are not in network. Giving patients a way to pay for their services if they're not in network.

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Get help navigating the health system

Knowing how to navigate is difficult for individuals and companies alike. PinnacleCare helps you get the best care by aligning you with doctors, technology, case workers and more that are working in your best interest. There's alot we don't know when it comes to navigating healthcare, that's why Pinnacle is here to help.

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Give your employees concierge-like health while saving money with engagement

Freshbenies delivers employee engagement services focused on health. They're able to connect you with services like telemedicine, legal savings, online doctors, care giver support and even pet care. Learn more about how you can get more out of your healthcare dollar with Freshbenies.

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Providing healthcare benefits without breaking the company bank

With Redirect Health, you'll be able to provide your employees and their families excellent primary benefits that will help you stay competitive in the employer marketplace. Learn how!

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Providing great service as a self insured employer

Are you self-insured and working with an insurance company as a third party administrator of your benefits? If yes, more than likely you're not engaging your employees in the best way and it is costing you more money than you know and also not providing the best outcomes for your employees. Accolade health affordably helps provide on demand care navigation to each of your employees.

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Lower your benefits costs with a fiduciary health benefits broker and advisor

Health Rosetta has put together some of the industry's best health benefit advisors. They'll help you gain control over your pharmacy, medical and overall plan while keeping your employee benefits whole. Learn more.

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